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    Default Dry/flakey and peeling skin after washing but also prone to acne if I moisturize.HELP

    So I'm a 20 years on Male and have had close to perfect skin throughout my childhood and teenage years (No Acne). However for around a year from turning 19 onward my skin has just changed so much and im clueless to how to treat it and a result of this is having low confidence, and even effecting my life as I sometimes stay in to hide my horrible skin.

    So what is my question? Well since I started getting some very mild spots (nothing serious at all) but I got into the world of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing and became obsessed with this and actually think I over cleansed my skin which is why I think my skin because even worse. From then on I noticed when ever I washed my face even just with water on a night when I get dry my face would be extremely tight/flakey and you can actually see the flakes skin what is peeling off... you could peel bits of its horrible. The only time my skin feels nice and a healthy balance of oil is later on in the day around 4 hours after being washed.

    Now this is where I started moisturizing afterwords to stop the dry skin however it almost never gets rid of the flaking white skin but does help the tightness however then later on in the day my skin is extremely oily/shiny and the day after I will have a face full of whiteheads and spots ( this is the same with every moisturizer ive tried over 20) So what my question is really how do I stop the flakey dry skin without causing oily skin....
    To me it seems like I cant win.. I don't moisturize I have dry skin and I moisturize then I have oily/acne skin.

    If anybody could help me I would be so great full as I just would love to wake up on a morning and not have to worry and feel horrible about my skin.

    The dry flakey skin the the worst on my forehead/nose and cheeks are not as bad. Just for your help my current skin routine is only using a cleanser when I use moisturizer which is normally once a week (when my skin is extremely oily) This is improving my skin and my spots are at a all time low how ever my skins still FLAKEY. I wash my face with water morning and night and even wash with cool water (so its not too hot or cold)

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    Hi Josh and welcome. Hopefully someone with more experience will come along soon and help. To me it sounds like the balance of your skin is out. You say your skin feel balanced around 4 hours after cleansing so to me it sounds like you are not using the best products for your skin.
    If you could list what you currently use, members could help steer you in a better direction.
    My opinion would be you need a more natural moisturiser along with a more balanced cleanser. For a moisturiser you ideally want something like shea butter, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil or pumpkin butter. A few of us have our own favourites but with natural products they generally have the vitamins and nutrients our skin needs. Try to avoid commercial products containing the above mentioned as additives and all sorts are added which can cause imbalance of your skin. I'm not sure where you are located but I'm in the UK and I tend to buy my products from ebay and mix them myself (its very easy).
    Ideally you want to cleanse your face morning and evening followed by either a moisturiser or toner and moisturiser. Other than sun protection, if needed, after moisturising you don't want to apply anything else until the next wash.

    Sorry I have not been much help but hopefully others will pop by soon and offer you better advice.

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    Hi Josh! Welcome to our forum, Yes the balance of your skin is seemed to be lost by using different chemicals as well as over exfoliation. Which is favorable environment for the overbreeding of Indwelling fungus as well as bacteria. So properly balanced facewash along with water based moisturizer (for your oily skin )and broad spectrum sunscreen when exposed to sunlight may be helpful to protect your skin from further damage.Besides, as you described your forehead and nose seemed to exfoliate more than cheeks which are seborrheic areas with tendency for infection with Yeast like seborrheic dermatitis.Thus a good picture of your facial skin may help us suggest if there is any associated abnormality or infection.

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    Thank you for the advice, I think your correct with my skin being out of balance due to using too harsh products. The products I use are: Cetaphil gentle cleanser and simple oil free moisturizer.. When I go outdoors I usually use Nivea intensive moisturizer with spf.

    Although the Cetaphil cleanser is designed for dry skin it still seems too harsh. I would love to try some more natural cleansers/moisturizers, do you know any good ones I could try?

    Thank you all again.

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    Oil products have always been my preference both for moisturizing and cleansing. I have been looking for a good one and have been eager to try Sakare Soothing Shower Oil for a long time since there aren't many oil body cleansers available, and because of all the positive reviews. I'm very happy to use it. It's wonderful! Its scent is also very light which is not overpowering. Lovely product. Would recommend!

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