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    Unhappy Frusturing Hair!

    Okay so every winter when the heat comes on my dandruff gets the summer it starts to go away.

    So far I have used several shampoos (not in order)
    Rx--Started with "K"
    Head and Shoulders
    Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Bar
    Selsun Blue
    Mane and Tail Protect Medicated (Yes I know its a horse shampoo...but when ya get desperate)

    I used each shampoo with success for a few weeks then it flares up again, if I go more then 2 days without washing it gets extremely oily and itchy and dandruffy...some people told me I wash too often...

    Also if I use a shampoo with conditioner or follow with a conditioner it super oily within a couple hours!!

    So any ideas on whats left for me to try? or ideas to help with the dandruff...again this is only a winter problem in the summer it goes away almost completely

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    My hair has also been hennaed once, about a month ago in hope that would did strengthen my hair and make it tangle free but other than that I do not use any dyes or such, and my hair has only been styled about 5 years ago for a wedding...I do keep the ends trimmed but thats about all.

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    Yea petperson i understand your problem,it is often hard to get rid of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.So you have tried everything.. Lets try this way.. Apply salicylic acid oitment during night and wash in the morning with ketoconazole shampoo or apply bath oil, olive oil, or tar cream overnight ( better with occlusion) and wash it in the morning with salicylic acid shampoo (Neutrogena- T/sal), then apply ketoconazole lotion or cream. Try this every alternate days for 2 weeks and see if that works, then slow down to 2-3 times per weeks for a month, then every weeks for few months..Remember, when you shampoo keep it for at-least 10 minutes before wash..

    In severe cases you may also apply combination of antifungal as mentioned above with hydrocortisone cream or use Derma-Smoothe/FS Scalp Oil 1-2 times daily for not more than a week.

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    here is a recipe for oily hair and/or drandruff
    Hair Tonic to Reduce Oil
    1 quart distilled water
    3 heaping tsp spearmint leaves
    Combine spearmint and water and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Strain and place in sterilized jar and keep refrigerated. Use daily after shampoo to remove oil buildup, promote shine and great smelling hair

    there are more hair care recipes on my site that is listed in my signature line. good luck

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    I am sure that Deepak knows what she is writing about, but boy that sounds so complicated. I recently created a hair conditioner for a friend who also has the itchy scalp and flaking problem. I will have to ask her how it worked out. It was simply 25% pumpkin butter with 75% camellia seed oil. Both are good for the hair and the camellia is very good for the scalp or that's what I have been told.

    I used something similar and too much pumpkin butter makes the hair sticky and I guess that's why it is a common ingredients in pomades, but this made my hair fuller, softer and more manageable. So I am a happy camper.

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    laura yes that does sound complicated but once all other options are tryed ya get kinda so frustured you'll try *almost* anything... =) the head shoulders was working the best, then i got a new bottle and it quite working =/ so then i tryed lush which smells like a campfire and worked great then i guess my scalp just go use to it...i guess im just gonna have to keep a lazy susan in my shower and just keep revolving all the shampoos lol

    i am def willing to try deepaks solution, once you get use to the routine its probably not so bad.

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    I would recommend you to try tea tree oil shampoo.

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