Hello all,
I am currently studying in Germany. About a month ago I noticed these strange pimple-like bumps on me that appeared in places pimples don't usually appear for me, including my hands, shins, and upper arms. They are slightly itchy, but only slightly. I was afraid they were bed bug bites because I found a bed bug in a hostel I stayed in. However, I killed it and didn't see any more signs of bed bugs (I am very educated on the whole bed bugs issue now) and have subsequently searched my dorm multiple times and even installed a passive monitor that should show signs of them if they exist. I have seen no signs of the bugs.

However, I know these bumps are SOMETHING, so I went to a dermatologist last week. He said the bites are absolutely not typical of bed bug bites, and he believes I have scabies. He gave me the permethrin cream but I have recently noticed a couple new bumps since I started the treatment. Now I'm afraid I don't actually have scabies. Besides, when I googled Scabies, I found pictures of severe rashes and heard stories of severe itching...and I have neither. Just these stupid sliiightly itchy pimple-like bites.

How can I tell if they are scabies? Is it possible to have scabies that don't itch severely? Am I just being paranoid? Any perspective would be great!