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    Smile What's causing my papular rash?

    Hello everyone~ I'm so glad to have found this forum, because I really need help. Thanks.

    I've been getting a skin rash with red bumps for 2 nights. The rash happened at different areas on my body, mostly on the most delicate skin. The rash happened at around 3am when I've already in bed. This kind of rash was commonly seen (but not commonly seen on me) to my family, and we have a home remedy of wiping alcohol on the infected areas. Having done that, and very soon, the rash begin clearing, but it still stings over the night. I think 3 hours later I can finally sleep.

    A little history of my skin:
    -I have very sensitive scalp, and it has been itching all the time since this last year. I think maybe due to depression and stress. So after a lot of research, I went sulfate free with the shampoos and use no conditioner.
    -6 years ago I have a similar rash with bumps at night too when I was abroad. During the day, I went to the hospital and had a shot and a hospital drip. But I couldn't remember that the doctor said.
    -I'm underweight and have low red blood cells. And I always feel cold.

    What I did during the past week:
    -A week ago I dyed my hair with Revlon hairdye. During the dye, the back of my neck was red and stingy, and my scalp was stingy and itchy. Now that I felt so stupid that I should've washed off the hairdye immediately, but I waited till it was done.
    -3 days ago, I went out and ate a pot of boiling food with beef.
    -2 days ago, I went to a Spanish restaurant and ate some seafood and veggies. And the rash happened on the same night, and happened again last night.
    -I think a few days ago, I suddenly felt a bad sting on the back of my knee. But I didn't see it turn red. BUT, the 1st rash I got 2 days ago started at the back of my knees.

    I don't health insurance, and this is not an emergency emergency, so I didn't go to the ER. And after researching quite some time on the internet, I still cannot find what's causing me this.

    Anyone have any insights for me? I really appreciate it.

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    Hello Joyce welcome to dermatalk skin care forum. Sorry for late reply...
    Your condition from what u have described on first paragraph... looks like papular urticaria, an allergic reaction to insect bites.
    As you said your family also have such problems, you seems to have inherited over-active immune system. Do you or your family have history of Atopic Dermatitis? or any allergies, asthma during childhood. Can you post a pic if possible, it could help us to exclude some common disease and find possible disease and cause...For whatever the reason your rash looks like hypersensitive reaction to something that you must try to find it..
    Take a note, make a journal of what have u eaten and come in contact during the day. This way you can know what has triggered you such itching and rash. you may get a patch testing if needed. As you mentioned beef and seafood, all these tends to trigger urticaria, so avoiding such foods might help.

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    Hi Joyce! First welcome to our forum, according to what you have described it seems like papular urticaria caused by bed bugs or others insects like mosquito or blanket mites etc , as you said the lesions usually occurs during night. Wanna know if you had these lesions earlier when you had seafood or meat? If possible can you post good picture of your skin lesion coz its impossible to come to any conclusion without seeing the lesion.

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