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    Angry Shaving ruined my face?

    I'm 19 and have always had problems shaving. I look a lot older then I should. I have VERY sensitive skin and I believe it is dry. I always get razor burn, bumps and irritation etc and I also have that green tinge from shaving. I also have wrinkles and saggy skin around my mouth I believe from shaving.... and worse of all If i need to shave everyday, I cannot get a close shave, I need a couple of days for it to grow back...also I have been shaving for quite a while, I grew my first mustache in 6th grade, I grew facial hair quite early.
    Here is how I look right after shaving on a typical day
    (btw i am 100% sure these problems are caused from shaving and nothing else)
    This is what I use

    Blade -

    Cream -

    Aftershave -
    (the revilitzaing one, not the energy)

    and I do not shave against the grain and I apply lotion/sunscren everyday and wash my face every night. I sleep on my back, so my face is not smushed against the pillow.
    I would seriously love to stop these shaving problems once and for all, as my skin is effecting my self esteem.

    I am looking for any ideas or products...
    PS I have never tried an electric razor before but I heard it does not as close a shave

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    Hello tgod and welcome to dermatalk. Hopefully you can get the answers you are looking for just please be patient as a lot of our regular staff are busy professional people.
    I cannot offer you any advice without considering it first but I would like to put your mind at rest somewhat by saying the need to shave everyday, sometimes twice is common. Many men get what is called a 'five o'clock shadow'. So don't let this get you down.
    Do you use a moisturiser in your daily routine? You say you use a sunscreen which is good but it doesn't give the skin the nutrients it needs. Also do you use an exfoliator? This used once a week, can help remove old dead skin and promote new skin growth which again will help the condition of your skin over time. We can offer advice on good items to use if this is something you need in your routine.
    I also know that aloe vera is good to apply to damaged skin as it has healing properties but I personally don't know about using this on a shaving rash although I can't see it causing any problems. Hopefully someone can confirm or correct me.
    Keep checking by and it may be worth using our search feature and search for shaving rash to see if any posts have been made before and advice given.

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    Hello Tgod, welcome to the forum. Its a common problem, our skin do sometimes gets irritated.. reason..Over repetitive shaving, old blades, dry skin, dirty skin and so so..

    I guess you might be following a good shaving routine but anyway... Avoiding frequent shaving for few weeks might also be a good idea or using razors with less blades....

    Wash your face with mild face wash using warm water. Using warm water or hot shower before shaving will soften the hair, skin and clear pores.
    Before you start to shave you may massage with pre shaving oil which will help lessen the friction of blade against ur skin.
    Your shave cream looks OK, but as different people have different skin, so shave cream which works wonder for one may not work on other, you may try changing and see if u see any good results (Remember to buy glycerin-based shaving cream only ).
    Well there are several electric razors which shaves clean and close ( might be expensive, but worth a try as it reduces the side effects u are having because of the blades)

    After shaving rinse with cold water, its better if you can apply cold pack it will reduce the inflammation.
    Then apply some good aftershave.. you may try changing aftershave and see if it helps..

    Remember: Warm face wash -> Pre-shave Oil -> Shaving cream -> Razors with less blades -> No double shaving without reapplying cream -> Rinse with cold water -> Cold pack -> Good moisturizers....

    The last resort is laser hair removal, but it is not advised, who knows later you may want to grow your beard..

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    I recommend you the renova cream that will help you with your skin problem that you are having right now

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    It takes no time! Begin by washing your face, ensuring it’s absolutely dry earlier than you begin shaving (don’t observe whatever in your skin first!). What i love approximately directly razors is it’s really easy to target precise regions of your face, or in case you’re greater like me, you could do it everywhere. Slightly pull your skin up closer to your eyes (so that the skin is taught), and do small downwards strokes with the blade at a 45-degree perspective. Do this for the entire bottom half of of your face, and the same on your forehead; be outstanding careful of your brows and be very mild handed – you don’t need plenty of strain. Ensure you hydrate your pores and skin in a while, because the manner acts like an excessive exfoliation.

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