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    Thumbs down I put toothpaste on my nose to cure spots, but it has burnt my skin.

    I read that toothpaste can heal spots. I put it on my nose but it burnt it.. now the area is really red and sore. this happened 2 days ago.All the paste is gone and i have cleaned it with cotton pads & water. It feels like there is a scab on it and its really itchy too (does itch mean its healing?).. Could someone please help me with what do to with it? It just looks like a cut on my nose, the skin is peeled too. Ive been using medicated powder to dry it up.. anything else?

    can't believe it has happened. my skin is horrible and sore. i don't want to go to the doctors.. could someone recommend maybe? I feel so stupid which is why I dont wanna go to the doctors, and im only 15.

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    Toothpaste tends to dry out the skin which is probably what happened. When treating problem skin, a common misconception is to dry out the skin completely-but this is false. You still need to hydrate and moisturize the skin. You should apply a moisturizer that contain Vitamins C. It will help with the redness and the itching.

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    Thank you for replying. Could you recommend any healing creams with vitamin c?

    It seems like there is now a scab on it.. :S the some on the skin is red raw. Really worried, hope it doesnt scar.

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    I occasionally put a dab of toothpaste on a spot overnight but its important to make sure the area is cleansed and moisturised the next morning as it will dry out the area. I use shea butter as a moisturiser which contains the majority of vitamins your skin needs.

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    use spf30 and keep it out of the sun as much as possible

    don't expect toothpaste to benefit your skin when it wasn't made for your skin in the first place. people think because it can shrink a pimple down it's a legitimate acne cleanser. it's not and it irritates like shit.

    on top of that it leaves you with dark marks, so what's the benefit?

    dark marks are no joke and they take too long to clear up... so i'd advise not using it again. i've made the same mistake before just learn from it. and be glad you only put it on your nose.

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    The tooth paste either severely over dried your skin, or you had a bad reaction to something in it. Check out the ingredients list--if there is menthol (or peppermint extract) that's probably the culprit. I suppose the cinnamon flavor could also do this too, but there are less of those on the market.
    If it's a brand of tooth paste that uses sls as it's foamer, that's an equally good candidate for irritation.

    It's been a few weeks since you posted this. Has there been any improvement at all? I sure hope so. Let us know!

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    I used to do this for my pimples too although it didn't do much for me.
    I would like to know if it improved too! Let us know!

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    You shouldn't apply it on yourself without prescription...

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    Everyone's guilty of doing this at someone point in their lives, nothing to feel silly about, I wouldn't ever reccomend it, or try it again on myself, because as long as a Doctor reccomends it, or it has been tested, it just isn't worth it, or safe.
    Skin is my passion.

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