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    Default Dark circles around my eyes

    My skin texture is unblemished and glowing. But a dark circle under my eyes eclipses my beauty. Is it due to continuous staring at computer screen for 8 hours or lack of proper sleep?

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    Actually working for hours on computer and disturbed sleep - both can aggravate under eye dark circles. Try to take short breaks in between. Wash your eyes 3-4 times in between the work. Take balanced diet. Massage your eyes with few drops of almond oil using ring finger. You can also try some home remedies like putting grated potatoes on the eyes for 20 min. and relax.

    You can also use cucumber or tea-bags to get the soothing effect.

    If your problem still persists you can start using any under eye dark circle cream containing AHA. You can also go to a cosmetic clinic and they may assist you more..

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    Dark circles are a result of thinning skin under your eyes. This condition is usually hereditary, but can be aggravated by lack of sleep, allergies, pollution and even constant use of contact lenses. Because there is no bone directly supporting this skin and it’s so delicate, it often darkens as you age even without the above problems. This area is also often overworked especially as we tend to rub tired or irritated eyes.

    Lightening agents contacting natural ingredients like vitamin C, berberry acid and arbutin may be sparingly used on these areas at bedtime. Maintain a regular lifestyle with frequent meals, regular exercise and an adequate water intake. Taking supplements containing iron, vitamin C and anti-oxidants definitely add a benefit to your problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliva View Post
    Lightening agents contacting natural ingredients like vitamin C, berberry acid and arbutin may be sparingly used on these areas at bedtime.
    Yeah Vit C is helping but it still doesn't eliminate my dark eye circles. The most efficient way to cover dark eye circle is still my concealer In fact I have also been using lemon extract to sort of bleach the skin in this area but it is still the same.

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    Oooh staring at the computer can cause dark circles under the eye?! I didn't know this!!! Boohoohoo!!! I spend around 10 hours a day on the computer, and it's not even work-related! No wonder I can't get rid of my dark circles even when I get more than 10 hours a sleep per day! Shux!

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    Dark skin under eyes is due to vessels (or more exactly - blood in vessels) under the skin. When circulation in those veins is increased, dark circles become more prominent. It would help, if you say when you've noticed these circles and how they change during the day. Does it help when you're on holidays, off from computer?

    So, it is not really the dark skin, and trying to bleach the skin won't help.

    How to make skin more thick - I don't know. To prevent additional thinning avoid any make-up, corticosteroid creams or eyedrops.
    How to make more fat under the skin? Hard to say, but as said "balanced" and I'd say regular and sufficient diet won't hurt.
    How to reduce circulation around the eyes? - you guessed it: computer, sleeping. Have a glass of water on the reach of the hand. When you're de-hydrated, circulation speeds up, and when you're hydrated and in peace it calms down.

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    massaging the eye area with natural lightening products like almond oil,coconut oil cold milk might work . Besides these raw cucumber,potato and almond paste are also good natural skin lightener.

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    In my experience both lack of sleep and sitting in front of a computer cause this.

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    My problem of dark circles is a hereditary one and so I thought there is no solution to it. One of my friends suggested using EyeRevive. During the first phase of use, I was not too confident of the outcome, but just thought I would give it a wild try. Wow!!!! Great results I got!!! Simply amazing!!! Iíve bícum a fan of that cream now. My dark circles have reduced greatly and hence my appearance has also changed. This is one of the best creams Iíve ever used.

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    Default Tips to get rid of dark circles under eyes

    How To Get Rid of Dark Circles: Tips

    1. Use eye cream: Apply eye cream that is made specifically for dark circles twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening before putting on essence. Spread the cream with loosened fingers gently. (Pressing too hard around your eye areas will cause wrinkles).
    2. Keep the eye areas moist with an eye patch or mask: If your skin is too dry around the eye areas, dark circles become prominent. Once a week, provide enough moisture and nutrition using an eye patch or eye mask/pack. It will be even better to use an eye patch or eye mask that includes whitening ingredients like VitaminC.

    3. Prevent pigmentation with careful cleansing: We put on mascara, eye shadow and other cosmetics around the eye area. Itís always best for the skin around the eyes to be completely clean. If possible, wipe off all makeup gently using an oil type makeup remover specifically made for eye area.

    4. Use a concealer to cover: If your dark circles are genetic, cover the areas under your eyes with a concealer made for dark circle purposes. Use a sponge or the tip of your fingers to minimize irritation.
    5. Do the opposite of whatever is causing your dark circles: Letís face it, most of us know why dark circles are appearing under our eyes. Mine are from lack of sleep, so my priority would be to sleep earlier. If you are not drinking enough water, take in more fluids. Remember all those 8 glasses a day commercials? Maybe youíre currently involved in something that is affecting your daily habits and schedules. Figure out what it is your body is having difficulty dealing with and get it back on track.

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