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    Default what are the side effect of benzoyl peroxide

    I have mild acne and I have heard that benzoyl peroxide(Clearasil) is most effective for mild acne.I bought it and now when i apply i feel like my skin is burning and itchy and also have red patches after I apply the benzoyl peroxide. Is that normal

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    Its normal in the first few weeks of applying.Many peoples have this problems in the first few weeks and later it subsides gradually,so its better you apply just a little coating at first and keep increasing the dosage after every weeks or so.

    The most common side effects from benzoyl peroxide are dryness and flaking. They are generally mild and can be reduced by using an oil-free moisturizing lotion daily. Other side effects include excessive dryness and flaking, redness, and burning.

    so if you are uncomfortable with its side effect you can also use it every other day or use it in low strength..

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    Its normal like admin said. When i try it before, it leave some holes and black skin. But after i use some cream that one doctor adviced, my skin and face become normal and my doctor said i need to drink a lots of water everyday.

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    I'm using a facial wash with benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient right now and it's great. I think a lot of people are allergic to it but it's been good for my skin so far. Thanks Mary for the question and thanks Admin for the enlightenment. I always thought that red patches meant irritation. Apparently it's a sign that the product actually works!

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    it gives you dryness and some redness. it also makes your skin a little more sensitive to the sun. oh and it bleaches your clothes and your hair! (i've had this from experience)

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    Though benzoyl peroxide is effective for fighting acne, they can also be drying, and make the skin irritable and cause rashy peeling. So, it’s important to do a patch test first. Benzoil based products work best on normal to oily skin.

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