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    Default Can anyone identify what this is or what is wrong??

    I do apologize for the location of where this is at. I hope everyone can be adults about it, I just really want some answers.

    A few nights ago I was sitting on my couch on my laptop and started having itching on my right breast. I was wearing a white shirt and said WHAT THE HECK?!...looked all over and saw nothing. I live in NC so there's always all kinds of bugs. Who knows.
    Anyways. Went to bed woke up the next morning and it was still red and the skin was a little raised.
    I have random freckles...however there was just ONE tiny pin spot scab where it looked like I could have been bit.
    Although this does not hurt at itches BADLY! Has since day one. Went to buy the pink crap from relief. Went to the Dr on day two. (Which is when the picture I will attach was taken) And it seemed to start to spread oddly.
    She gave me some cream and that hasnt helped at all. Today I woke up...still severely itchy. And I don't know if it's in my head or not but I am itching now randomly on that side of my body. No red spots or anything which is why I thought maybe it was all in my and freaking out or if it's somehow spreading. I never started the oral antibiotics she gave me because I hate taking medicine due to a bad stomach and SHE was not even sure what it could be. She thought maybe a tick bite. But that wasn't it. There was no initial pain. Just noticed out of nowhere itchiness that eventually turned to raised red skin. No clue how or why it's there.. No other part was raised, no bump, nothing to indicate where a bite could have happened.
    I am so very confused and it's scaring me! I have no idea why I'm itching and I'm sick of itching. It's not worse than it is in this picture. However, my cell phone just froze up on me and I can't take an updated picture at the moment. But this was from day two.
    Anyone have any ideas???boobbiterash.jpg

    Forgot to add that the only other thing I can think of is that my right foot...on the bottom, there has been a small spot that has itched all week like a mosquito bite...but no redness or bite mark. Just itching.
    Also...I was able to get a picture of my breast just now to update. It is a little dark due to lighting, but you can still see it.
    The little pink thing in the middle of my chest is just a pink fuzzy from my shirt. lol And the white stuff is just from the cream I put on it last night that the doctor gave me...just dried up and flaked.
    boob bite or rash again.jpg
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    hi! from the picture you have sent and the brief history u have given,i seems like tick bite to me too. the neurotoxin secreated by the arthropod during the attachment may make the bite unnoticeable. Tick-bite may transmit various organisms during bite which may result in various symptoms like flu-like symptoms,fever, rash, numbness, confusion, weakness etc.Most commonly transmitted disease include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease etc for which appropiate blood tests need to be done and oral and iv antibiotics needed to be started as early as possible.For local symptoms like rash you may use some antibiotic cream after cleansing and for itching we can use some oral antihistamines.

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