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    Default Can anyone identify this rash?

    2012-05-18 17.14.29.jpgHi

    I have been having skin problems for couple of weeks now, my rash first started by what I thought was ringworm on my buttock, this developed into what I think was hives all over my body. I have also had facial swellings with it so I have just finished a course of prednisone 40mg for five days as prescribed by the emergency doctors.

    Since then the hives and swelling have diminished but i am left with daily outbreaks of spots that look like little cigarette burns. I have been taking pictures and I am currently waiting to see a dermatologist. I have had blood works taken all is fine apart from a raised CRP level.

    2012-05-12 09.44.25.jpg2012-05-12 10.07.30.jpg2012-05-16 19.38.40.jpg

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    oh you poor girl. sending blessings. did you use anything differently lately? soap, clothes detergent? fabric softener? did this happen overnight or did it keep spreading? i hope you get in to seeing a derm really soon. this looks so itchy. try an oatmeal bath. that is soothing to your skin and helps itching.

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    I used a new shower gel approx 2 weeks ago so it could be that. It started off a giant hive on my butt which I treated as ringworm, which then disappeared then hives started appearing on my arms and legs and body.

    It is mainly confined to my legs now.

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    From the picture u have sent it looks like erythema annulare centrifugum to me, which may occur due to various causes. u can check online for the probable cause and details about the disease. please visit the dermatologist as soon as possible and under go treatment as per the cause.

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    Hi Kate. Mine are like that, or even worse since i scratched them. I read from yahoo voice about another person who experienced the same type of rashes, he/she said that she used virgin coconut oil onto the rashes and now the rashes are gone. In my case both legs have these rashes, i started using virgin coconut oil on my right leg and the rashes and wounds (wounds:kinda, since i scratched them really hard and i guess got hurt more because i soaked in the warm jacuzzi that obviously just worsened the rashes) are starting to dry up and scab off, it's my 3rd day now. On my left leg, i am using (also on 3rd day now) neosporin for eczema and the rashes and the circles around it are drying up and scabbing off too but without the yellowish scabs like dry pus on my right leg where i use coconut oil. I am trying to see which works better between neosporin for eczema and VCO. Btw, virgin coconut oil is a fungicide.
    I hope this helps you. i know how frustrating it is to feel these itchy rashes, the cause we don't even know. I will update again soon for any improvement on my skin. (Or maybe since you posted this last month, are you ok now? Maybe you can share how it was cured ;) )

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    Thought I would update this thread, well two years have passed. I went to a dermatologist who could not find a cause, and really was no help at all.

    A rash has returned, been there for over a week now20140618_093204.jpg20140619_082357.jpg20140619_082406.jpg20140621_092423.jpg

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