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    suggest some tips for skin tanning?

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    main tip, don't use the sun to tan. there are other options. spray tans, rub on lotions that tan, yes they are all artificial tans. the sun can cause skin damage but we need the sun for vitamin d. when you are out in the sun use a high spf sunscreen. all over exposed areas of your body. every time i look at my arms i see sun damage from when i was younger. i always used suntan lotion but not sunscreen. because of my skin damage i have to see a dermatologist every year. she looks for pre cancerous spots. there are a lot of companies that have spray on tans. i think there is even one that gradually tans. these cause no harm.

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    I agree with Brenda. Stay out of the sun. If you really want a tan use a bronzer. You will be far better off when you are older. The sun add years onto your skin and makes you look a lot older than you are. It is also dangerous.

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    Apply the fresh lemon juice mixed with a bit of water or honey and leave it on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes.
    Another home remedy to reverse skin darkening is using the juice of raw potato.
    This juice contains starch and soft bleaching agents that can help in lightening your skin.
    I would recommend that you use this remedy once in 10 days.
    Irrespective of the remedy you choose to follow, I would advise you to apply sunscreen each time you go outdoors.

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    I live in Hawaii so sun tanning is a year round occurrence even if you are trying to stay out of the sun. I make sure to use moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and try to use products with an SPF of at least 15. Also if I am going to go to the beach I make sure I apply sun screen at least once once every two hours if not more often. In hot climates don't forget to drink water to stay hydrated. Sun Stroke is no fun.

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    use sunscreen somewhere between SPF 15-30.
    After you tan, be sure to moisturize your skin.
    Drink water to keep hydrated.
    Use sunglasses.

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    Protect your skin from the dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun.
    Apply daily good quality of sunscreen lotion.
    You can use umbrella while out in sun.

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    Cucumber is also very helpful to reduce skin tanning and keep your skin well moisturized. You can also use yogurt and potato on the affected area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emileyair View Post
    suggest some tips for skin tanning?
    In summers, drink lot of water for hydrate your skin. Water helps in flushing out of the toxins from skin.

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