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    Default Need urgent advice

    Okay, I was going to post this on ask etc but they have a limited amount of letters you can do, so after browsing the net I finally found this forum.

    My name is Keegan, I am a 20 year old male and I just saw something that makes me worry a little bit.

    I have moles on my body, like everyone else pretty much.. Every one of them is brownish, have hair growing in them.. They are all similar.. Except for one I just really paid attention to tonight.

    I was looking at my right left near my ankle, and I saw a black mole.. it might be like faded on the outside edge of it, but it's SOOO tiny I can't tell, but its obviously black.

    at first I didn't think nothing, Thought maybe just got blood under my skin or something, so I pulled out my pocket knife and started picking at it.. When I started doing that, I then remembered I've had this for more than a good 4 months, and last time I picked at it, it bleed.. but now that I look at it, It's exactly as it was before I picked at it..

    I'd say its probably less than even half a cm in diameter.. Maybe smaller, I could fit probably 6-8 exact ones on the top round area of my index finger..

    When I rub my finger over it, It is not smooth like every other mole I have, but it simply feels like it is a bump.. It doesn't look as bad as the cancerous images on google, but it is completely out of whack with my body.. and I know for a fact I did not always have this..

    If I folded it over, It would NOT be symmetrical, it is oddly shaped, but not too oddly..

    I was going to take a picture of it, but I don't have a cell or camera.. I think I described it as close as possible.. TINY black mole, Kind of symmetrical, but one said is shaped different so it wouldn't like it, pretty much a bump not flat and smooth like every other mole I have, and I have not had it all my life.

    My mother is a respiratory therapist, nothing to do with skin cancer, but I figure she might be able to tell me.. but sometimes she thinks she knows everything and you can tell she doesn't know what she's talking about.. so I don't want to ask her, she say no.. Then a year or two later its bigger and is cancer.. so any second opinion would be nice, I won't hold anyone liable if they are wrong lol, I just want some advice.. I know without a picture you might not be able to fully understand what I'm describing but anyone that can tell me stuff would be great.

    Not that it probably matters, I am white/brown hair etc, I do burn fairly easily when I go in the sun, but in the last two years I have not gone in the sun much.. I think its relatively new black mole (at least 4mo's old, to the latest of 2 years old), but if it's around 2 years old, is it possible to not get bigger/change at all? I can't be sure when I first noticed it, Latest 2 years earliest 4 mo's.. Please someone help

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    i think the only real answer for this question would to go to a doctor or a derm. the derm would be better because they are used to seeing skin growths and they can tell you if it is nothing or not. i know this isn't what you want to hear. but it will be worth it. if you have moles all over your body you should be seeing a derm anyway. not because they are cancerous or out of the ordinary but because they are there and you can't see all of them. it is good to take precautions when you are young. i just think for your own peace of mind you should go to a derm.

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    Well I have moles all over my body, but there simply like the brown ones that are completely flat with the skin etc.. I don't have any that are bumps etc.. The one's I have except the one I posted about I've had all my life, and are obviously just moles..

    and yes my mother said she thinks it isn't anything, so thats why I was trying to ask here.. I thank you for your answer though.. I'm going to job corps in like 2 weeks so I'll point it out when I have my physical.

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    Could be Blue Nevi. Yea a picture would be great. Moles are sometimes very hard to predict. Even a dermatologist may be confused and biopsy is a must in such cases. Most of the cases of moles are harmless even if they change their color or size. But I would strictly suggest you to visit a dermatologist. They are experienced in seeing moles and they can advice if they look harmless or not. I guess its better to be on the safe side than sorry. Never pick the moles, chronic injury to moles may give rise to another complications or even lead to cancerous changes.

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