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    Default Can I get stretch marks without gaining/losing weight.

    A few weeks ago I noticed a red line that starts exactly at the skin fold where the inner thigh and and the crotch meets and and ends about an inch and a half further along the inner thigh.

    It's maybe half an inch wide line and its shape is like if you would scribble perpendicularly along a line. a shape kinda like this..

    The color is a dull red/purple. Near the skinfold it's close to skin color (but still visible) while near its tip on the inner-thigh it's slightly more colored.
    It's painless and isn't protruding out of my skin. Actually if I touch the area with my fingers I can't really feel any difference.

    I'm 29 of average weight. (5'8, 165 pounds) and haven't changed weight in a long time. When I first saw it I though I migh've hurt myself somehow perhaps during sex without noticing. But it's still there, and it doesn't seem like it has improved or worsened over time, although I didn't pay much attention to it. I do sit at a computer all day, if that makes any difference.

    I can't find any pictures of skin diseases that look even remotely like what I have. The closest pictures I found were stretch marks but it doesn't make sense for someone my size with a stable weight to get that in only 1 place. Or does it?

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    if you work out in a gym or excercise pulling on your legs it is possible to get a stretch mark. all stretch marks are made from skin stretching past it's limit. it looks like a stretch mark. i wouldn't worry about it as it will fade to a skin like color. if you want to quicken this you can use mederma, or some other stretch mark product. if it becomes inflamed or changes in any way then i would see a doctor about it.

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