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    Default Everyday hair washing.

    For those who travel extensively, hair gets dirty easily and requires everyday washing. The general belief is that everyday shampooing may result in excessive hair fall and cause hair to become rough and dry. I disagree with this myth. I feel if a mild shampoo is used, everyday washing is no hassle at all.

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    sadly, shampooing everyday leads to dry and dull hair because shampoos contain surfactants that strips hair off its natural lipids. but if you have an active lifestyle, you really need to wash your hair everyday. the trick is to use conditioners after every shampoo. if you don't feel like using conditioners, you really need to skip the shampoo every other day.

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    so if i use conditioners after shampooing everyday it doesn't affect my hair??

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    Those oils are completely natural. They are actually good for your hair.

    Did you know that in the 40s/50s they would go to the parlor to get their hair done in those fabulously perfect curls only once a week....they would only wash their hair once a week, right before they went to the parlor to get their hair done again!

    Think of it this way....your body produces those oils. And the more you wash them away....the more heavy and faster your body works to keep pumping out the oil.
    So in a way...when we wash out hair everyday...we keep our hair working in hyper-drive to keep up with the oil production.

    So...yes it is not good to wash it everyday.

    I would suggest going at least every other day. Give your head a chance to breathe.
    And yeah s said above using a Conditioner after every wash make the hair soft and protects it.

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    I wash my hair everyday and though I have a lot of falling hair, my hair is soft and healthy. I've even had it colored and straightened, but it's as gorgeous as ever. So it's just the hairfall that I have to deal with from time to time. Hair fall prevention shampoos work but to a small degree only.

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    Shampooing the hairs everyday is harmful.Its better to just rinse the hairs with regular water and wash with shampoo every alternate day.If you travel a lot and your hairs get dirty then you can take cap while traveling so that dust going into your hair is reduced and use less oil as it makes the dust to stick to our hairs.

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    Wow, I didn't know that washing hair everyday causes your hair to fall out! I tend to wash every day or every other day. I had a lot of hair loss when I was washing everyday and now I have thousands (well, seems like thousands) of short little new growth poking out everywhere.
    I went to shampooing every other day because my eczema was acting up. Maybe that is why my hair has started to grow back in!

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    I don't think shampooing hair is harmful. But hair fall occurs by excessively blow drying it every single day. Shampoos are generally mild and not the harsh chemical concoctions they are made out to be. Also if a conditioner is used there should be no problem. However wet hair is very fragile and must be handled carefully.

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    I remember when I was in the 6th grade, I would try and wash my hair every single day. My hair would get so dry it would feel like I was touching straw. I guess by washing my hair I was also washing away the necessary oils that my scalp produced ,therefore I was left with really dry hair, but I'm okay now. People do not do this!

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    Everyday hair washing is not good for the health of your hair. You should give a day's break at least between each shampoo.

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