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    Default What is this horrible rash on my face? Really getting to me :(

    Okay so I've basically been getting it on and off for about a year now, I mainly seem to get it when I'm stressed but I can't seem to pin point what causes it. It flares up at certain times and sometimes it's not there at all. It's recently got quite bad and I'm quite self concious of it, it looks like spots but I know for sure its not, I don't have very acne prone skin. Has anyone seen anything like it before??
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    can u give some more details. Does it itch ? are u aware of any products that u might have used prior to the eruption ? Have u applied any medications including steroids ? Any changes in face wash, makeup, or any cosmetics currently ? Most possible cause may be allergic contact dermatitis to cosmetics

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    stress can cause all kinds of skin problems. i know that doesn't help much. answer deepak's questions. he is a doctor. maybe he can help if you give him more info.

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