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    Default Eyelash Extensions Safe?

    I got some eyelash extensions done and I love them, but is there any health risks involved with doing this?

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    your own lashes will be damaged

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    your real lashes can be damaged and fall out. if you want to do something to your skin or eyes you should investigate first. not do it then ask.

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    I have heard that too that your own eyelashes will be damaged. I have never had it done though. I am not even sure of the process. How do they extend the eyelashes?

    Mascara will also extend your eyelashes and will not cause any damage as long as you don't use the waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara will also damage your eyelashes and they fall out.

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    Well, "eyelash estension"....are many techniques of them is eylashe extension one by one. No it will not harm your own eyelashes if are done by a profesionist.The extension will last aprox 2 month with a retouch in between.

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    Yes it can be damage due to so many reason can and infection can their and it can harm ur eyes as well but professionals can help u in a very good way otherwise it can harm u....

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    I heard your own eyelashes will fall out but with proper care and touch ups, it will be fine

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    Eyelash extension is good. But why don't you try some other option which gives you very good results without any side effects. eyelash extension will damage your natural lashes so that your lashes falling out and becomes weak. You have to know about the dos and don'ts about eyelash extension.

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    I heard about Latisse produces longer and thicker eye lashes .Many people are taking it.

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    Before you go and get extensions try fake lashes. They come with an invisible strip and are hard to distinguish from real lashes. Don't go for the long ones or the really thick ones. They are too obvious. You can trim them to the length you need, use small sharp scissors.

    Extensions are very expensive and have to be replaced often. they glue the extension to your existing lashes, so if you don't have many lashes they will look funny. Plus if you rub your eyes or pick at them they will pull out the lash your extension is glued to and you will end up with even fewer lashes.

    you have to be very careful putting on mascara or taking it off when you have extensions, and you need a special mascara. You can't use just any old mascara because some will dissolve the glue.

    As for safe. Yes if you have them applied by a professional they are fine.

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