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Thread: Acne Scars

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    **Deborah Harden** Female

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    Feb 2018


    I have been looking for years for creams that will work on my acne scars, but most of the products I've been using only made my face so red. I started using All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream only 2 weeks ago and my scars are now almost gone. I get acne every now and then, and as if that wasn't enough, the acne leaves marks on my face and neck for several months. I've been trying facial cleansers and even Nivea, but they had no effect. I found this APH, and at first, I was suspicious because I've never seen it before. But I tried it and it works! I have been using it for just two weeks, and my scars are barely visible now. It's like magic. This product is exceptional. You don't have to face the world with dark marks on your skin. Hope I helped!

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    **Velvet Paige** Female

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    Apr 2018


    My friend recently had a chemo-dermabrasion for her severe acne scarring. The results were excellent and her breakouts are non existent. Laser hardly did anything for her before her chemo-dermabrasion surgery.

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    **Betty Anrews** Female

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    If you are suffering with wrinkles, fine lines, scars and acne then you must go for facial rejuvenation treatment, the most effective treatment to fix acne and other skin related issues.

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    I just moved from Europe to Australia and it is so difficult for me to integrate here into society. I have so problematic skin, acne, and scars and even have complexes to go to school, so before that, i was even studying at home with teachers and still do it with a Maths tutor twice a week on Ezy Math tutoring service.

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    **Suruchi Puri** Female

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    Dynamic breakouts are sufficiently baffling, yet the scars skin inflammation can desert can feel absolute merciless. Fortunately skin inflammation scars can be dealt with.

    Nonetheless, before treatment can begin you initially need to dispose of any skin inflammation unequivocally since new breakouts can prompt new skin inflammation scars. A portion of the scar medicines beneath isn't possible nearby run of the mill skin inflammation drugs, and the aggravation that is caused by breakouts can likewise diminish treatment adequacy.

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    **Ms Pink** Female

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    Nov 2017


    You can try vitamin e. it is quite effective and promote healing.
    It also help to give you smooth skin - i started to take vit E since more than 10years ago.
    you can also buy vit E gel to apply on the scar - it does some help too

    Other than the above, i think next is to seek for professional help. Depending on your condition. I feel that if it is not so serious, u can give Vit E a try first (the cost is not high)

    If not, can try aesthetics clinic where i find radium is also quite good

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    i would prefer drinking plenty of water and applying aloe vera on your face

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    **marryhill** Female

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    Feb 2019


    It takes time. you can't fast remove acne scars.

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