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Thread: Anti Aging Diet

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    Reddish-orange foods like tomato and watermelon increase your protection against harmful UV rays from the inside out and drink plenty of water.

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    There are so many anti-aging diets on the market today that it's tough to figure out which ones are fads or gimmicks and which ones are safe and effective. Some promise to shave years off your age, while others promise results within as little as two weeks. The best way to determine which anti-aging diet is best for you is to get the straight facts about each diet from the premise to the plan to the "do's and don'ts.

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    Anti-aging food can enhance your health, energy, mental fitness and
    slow many of the changes that are marks of growing old.

    Tomatoes. A major source of the antioxidant lycopene that reduces the
    risk of cancer by 40% -- notably prostate, lung and stomach cancers --
    and increases cancer survival. Tomato eaters function better mentally
    in old age and suffer half as much heart disease. Concentrated tomato
    sauces have 5 times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes, and canned
    tomatoes have three times more than fresh.

    Olive Oil. Shown to help reduce death from heart disease and cancer.
    Recent research shows that heart-attack survivors on a Mediterranean
    diet had half the death rates of those on an ordinary low-fat diet.
    Olive oil is also high in antioxidant activity.

    Red Grapes, including red grape juice and red wine. Red grapes have
    moderate antioxidant power, while purple grape juice has four times
    more antioxidant activity than orange or tomato juice. Red wine (not
    white) has about the same antioxidant capacity as purple grape juice
    or tea. French research show that drinking red wine in moderation
    increases longevity, but excessive drinking has the opposite effect,
    so limit to two glasses per day. Drink grape juice.

    Garlic. German researchers have found that garlic is packed with
    antioxidants know to help fend off cancer, heart disease and all-over
    aging, and prolong cancer survival time. Let crushed garlic "rest"
    about 10 minutes before cooking to preserve disease-fighting agents.

    Spinach. Second among vegetables only to garlic in antioxidant
    capacity and is also rich in folic acid, which helps fight cancer,
    heart disease and mental disorders. New University of Kentucky
    research shows folic acid may help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Eat
    both raw and steamed for best benefit.

    Whole grains. A University of Minnesota study suggests the more
    whole grains you eat, the lower your odds of death by 15%. Whole
    grains contain anticancer agents and help stabilize blood sugar and
    insulin, which may promote longevity. Whole-grain "dark" breads,
    cereals such as All Bran, and "old fashioned" oatmeal are an excellent

    Salmon, and other fatty fish. Contains high amounts of omega-3 fat
    that performs miracles throughout the body, fighting virtually every
    chronic disease known. Without it, your brain can't think, your heart
    can't beat, your arteries clog, and joints become inflamed. You need
    one ounce a day, or two servings of salmon, sardines, mackerel,
    herring or tuna per week.

    Nuts. Eating more than 5 ounces a week can cut heart-attack deaths
    in women by 40% and help prevent deadly irregular heart beats in men a
    Harvard University study found. Almonds and walnuts lower blood
    cholesterol. Most of the fat in nuts is the good-type monounsaturated
    and/or omega-3. Unsalted nuts are best.

    Blueberries. High in antioxidants, Tufts University researchers say a
    half-cup of blueberries a day can retard aging and can block brain
    changes leading to decline and even reverse failing memory.
    Tea. Green or black tea has equal antioxidant benefit. One cup a day
    can cut heart disease risk in half Harvard researchers found. Make
    from loose tea or tea bags, instant and bottled tea has little effect
    Moreover for the proper skin care always use Life cell Cream.


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    Eating lots of yellow & green vegetables means fewer wrinkles.

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    Default Anti aging diet

    Have food which contains lots of proteins , eat raw egg, Leafy vegetables, cauliflower, blueberries and so on. I will also recommend you to apply lavender oil on your face . This will surely prevent you from wrinkles . By following an anti aging diet and apply lavender oil will surely give you better results.

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    Agree with you, I drink plenty of water and having foods pack with proteins. Protein provides essential building blocks for the daily repair of nearly every single cell in your body.

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    They say caloric restriction is good for anti-aging. So eat tiny portions. Certain supplements like vitamin C, vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Resveratrol, and Pycnogenol are all supposed to help. Also, exercise, both cardio and weights while drinking plenty of water. Or you could sell your soul

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    Default health

    sorry i cant help you. But you can concern your health issue with any good specialists.

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    **Sharon Gomez** Female

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    I think complete healthy diet, fruits containing vitamin C will help to stay away from aging problems in addition to this sufficient sleep is must.

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