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    i sure hope the cream helps. please let us know of your progress. thanks

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    I am glad you are finally being treated. This alone should lower your stress levels regarding the rash. I hope the cream helps. Let us know.

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    I recieved a message from a member asking me how this ended so here's my story, though a bit late I know, but maybe it'll help someone else as well.

    So I went to several doctors and all suspected scabies but no scabies had been found on any sample either doctor took from my skin, no eggs, no droppings, no scabies or anything. I was suffering from an extreme high stress level as I said before at that time but i still believed it wasnt this and also suspected scabies eventually, since i had all the traces and symptons, although no scabies were found, also the stress factor in my life got cut off BUT that was after i tried my last resort which were tablets/pills against scabies The pills are called "Ivermectine" which I was reluctant to take since it wasnt in my health insurance and they were kind of expensive... But I was desperate to pay anything to get rid of the itching. I took the pills and after a week or two the itching and the marks dissapeared as fast as they came.

    If it were the pills it means it were indeed scabies but it can also be the high stress level i had which my body reacted to, since i also cut off that stress factor around the same time. I cant be 100% sure it was one or another, but i think the Ivermectine pills did the trick.

    I didn't get any of the itching back ever since, but my mood went upward towards being happy as well since i got into a great relationship after i got rid of the itching.

    So i suggest people who are in the same boat check out the pills but first consult a doctor about it ofcourse, they need to be prescribed and you need to think about the combination if you also you use other medicines.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Shin! great to see you back, we are extremely happy for you. Hope to see you around more frequently (not just for disease hahaha healthy) and share all your experiences and problems of life with us.

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    Default It's 2017 and I'm going through the same situation!

    Hi!!! I'd like to ask you how you got to solve this, just by taking that medicine? I've been experiencing just exactly the same thing as you. Do I need prescription to buy that medicine?

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    Add one cup baking soda to a tub of warm water. After the bath, it is important to gently pat your skin dry with a towel (or air-dry). For more localized itching you can make a paste of one part water to three parts baking soda. Lemon juice can be directly applied on itchy skin to relieve the irritation.

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    I'm desperate, I've been like this for two months already, don't know how to stop the itching. I'll do that, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerardomateo View Post
    I'm desperate, I've been like this for two months already, don't know how to stop the itching. I'll do that, thank you.
    can u give details of your problem...? this post has already been 5 yrs old.. the actual member may be reply..

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