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    Default Diffused Hair Loss and Oily Scalp. I'm young and believe there's hope!

    I'm 28, so I'd still consider that young. I'm also a male.

    I'm not really sure where to begin. I wish I could find a hair and skin consultant in my area, but I'm not sure how to find one. I guess this would be considered a dermatologist, but in my experience there job classifies too many conditions to be worried about why my skin and scalp is oily and the type of hair loss I have.

    I can see the top of my scalp now through my hair, which is proof that it's thinner than ever before. I'd estimate I've lost over 50% of my hair. It doesn't follow the trend of male pattern baldness. It's diffused hair loss all over, but the majority seems to be centered on the top, and the temples.

    My scalp seems so irritated. Occasionally, I get Large pimples on my scalp that will eventually pus up. They're rare (like 1-2 a year), but when they happen it can cause hair loss on that spot and take up to a month to completely heal. Now that I can see the scalp more, I notice little irritated red spots also, and my scalp is somewhat tender and painful. Also, it can be pretty itchy as well.

    I think it correlates with how oily my skin gets, cause I also can scratch a spot on my scalp and a little white flake will pop out from it. I guess that's a white head of some sort or excess sebum that has harden and pops out.. Sometimes with the hair and follicle attached.

    Maybe you can tell now how clueless I am about my hair. I never attended much to keeping it healthy. I grew up assuming that shampooing my hair would be good enough, and now it's suffering.

    I want to turn that around, but I don't know how. I've tried some oils, like emu oil and evening primrose which only seem to irritate my scalp even worse. So, if my scalp is irritated and oily, and this is causing the hair to become brittle and fall out, what is a better solution to try?

    Any opinions and help getting started would be appreciated. I'm hoping to learn about how to keep my hair healthy, and if not regrow it, at least keep the hair I got left.

    One more thing, even Rogaine seems to irritate my scalp and give me a headache (literally), so I tried that for only a couple days.

    Hoping for the best!

    Young Wolf

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    1)Use regular shampooing with conditioner of hairs.
    2)Do massaging with apple cider vinegar and after 1 hour,you can wash your hairs.Massaging increases the blood circulation.
    3)Drink fruit juices and takes vitamin A, E and C.
    4)Eat more salad.

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    see a doctor. have bloodwork done. make sure you don't have any thyroid disease. bloodwork is important. it can tell if there is anything wrong. if hair loss is genetic there isn't much you can do about it. personally a lot of women now like the naked heads on a man. don't let your hairloss get you down. have those bloodtests done.

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    THank you for sharing this to us. I would really like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mck123 View Post
    1)Use regular shampooing with conditioner of hairs.
    2)Do massaging with apple cider vinegar and after 1 hour,you can wash your hairs.Massaging increases the blood circulation.
    3)Drink fruit juices and takes vitamin A, E and C.
    4)Eat more salad.
    Use non-sodium sulfate shampoo. Not all shampoo can help to prevent or regrow your hair. Non-sodium sulfate shampoo can help you a lot. Use Leimo bio cleansing shampoo and hair thickening conditioner.
    Drink more of water, B vitamins, vitamin A,E, and C.
    Eat a balance diet. We all know that improper diet can cause hair loss.

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    Diffuse hair loss causes a fairly even amount of shedding all over the scalp, making the hair appear thinner due to this excessive hair fall. Whereas regular Telogen Effluvium is a temporary hair loss condition, Chronic Telogen Effluvium is more prolonged, lasting more than six months.

    Diffuse hair loss treatment:

    Diffuse hair loss can be treated using a comprehensive treatment programme involving minoxidil to combat thinning hair and promote regrowth. However, the underlying cause of this shedding will need to be diagnosed so that this can also be treated, where appropriate, by a healthcare professional.

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    Maybe can do some reading on different treatments before you decide.
    For mild cases like hormones changes, it may even get better after some period if you have a proper diet - thats what my sister always says.

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