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    Default Tiny red spots on my chest and arms

    I am a 32-year-old working woman. I have tiny red spots on my chest and arms. I am fair and they look awful. Is there any way I can get rid of them?

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    It is difficult to diagnose your condition without seeing the lesion. As per your description, your red spots could probably be red moles, also called as demorgen spots. If those spots are actually red mole, they can be removed by laser treatment. Proper diagnosis is however required.So dermatological consultation is adviced..

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    You have not described lucidly about the red spots, so it is very difficult to diagnose what actually they are. They may be allergic reaction, may be hormone spots, may be broken blood vessels due to collagen loss, and may be a condition called cherry angiomas or may be broken follicle. So, consult your doctor for a proper remedy.

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    oh thanks i have consulted a dermatologist and you are right 010081 he said they are de-Morgan spots,he said it doesn't need treatment and said not to worry about,but i'm curious to know what really are they can they be treated.

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    They are small red or violet spots and mostly appear on chest and trunk and are non-cancerous.They are also called haemangiomas.they usually occur when person gets older..usually 40+ but it appeared early in your case.They are normally harmless so no treatment is required.
    Removal of this spots is done either using laser therapy or a process called electrocautery where the spots are heated to seal off the blood vessels.You might have possible risk of infection or scarring,so its better to leave it as it is as they are harmless.

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    My mother had the same proble 2-3 years ago. She removed them with laser, and it didn't cost too much. I don't know if there is some other treatments.

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    I don't know if you mean the same thing, but I also have a few red spots on my skin. I have one on the chest area, leg and arm. The spots look a bit like hardened blood spots. I can't really explain it. They are definitely not scabs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by didonko View Post
    My mother had the same proble 2-3 years ago. She removed them with laser, and it didn't cost too much. I don't know if there is some other treatments.
    hi how much did it cost? can you please reply.

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    How long have you had them? I notice red spots on my chest as well right after a I shower with hot water or when I go jogging in the neighborhood. It's super read and my skin loks infected, but it goes away after a while. Anyway, i thin you should consult with a doctor about this because it may be a more severe condition than you think it is.

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