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    Everybody has got different skin so it s not easy to find the right cure. There is lots of things out there, which you can try. Going from Pernox, through all kinds of heavy chemicals to cortisonic stuff to Vitamins like B12 and others, but I can tell you from direct experience, that most often very pure specific natural soap is working best. I have read here about different ones, but the one which I can guarantee will be working, is one special one that was formally just sold in the eastern mediterranean areas but is now, due to its effective curing of several forms of acne, doing a triumphal march through Europe.

    My husband had suffered from severe acne problems for years, and after testing all kind of scientific cremes and pharmaceutical stuff he finally, when making holidays abroad, found something that changed his life forever. Within 2 weeks all his skin became normal and even the scares were gone. It is called Kirlangic Medical Soap and i m not sure where and if you can get it in the U.S at all !? At least in Europe there are some companies selling this quite impressive stuff. Try Alibaba or related. Maybe you can get it from there? What makes me furious is that Jim had spent years in agony and pain, with all the so-called specialists telling him to use this, or buy that, when in fact the solution was that f ******* easy.

    Big Pharma just wants our money, they, by no means(!) are interested in curing us. Wherefore very pure but specific natural products are in most cases, a thousand times better and cheaper than all the crap pharma industries try selling us. It was eye-opening to see that Kirlangic Medical Soap did in 2 weeks, what all the chemical cremes and medicines tried to do for years but couldn t. I can only repeat, worked very well for my husband. But, like I said, guess it s hard to find it over here, so you ll have to order it from the internet then. Acne is terrible and I love talking to people about these old times, and then looking at Jim today.
    Hope Muskaan I was able to help you with this, and that no one has to suffer from acne no more.

    Best regards

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    People suffering from acne can ensure that the outbursts of pimples and acne are reduced considerably by changing the lifestyle. The ten lifestyle changes that need to be implemented for getting acne-free skin are given here.

    • Get more sleep: It is very essential complete the 8-9 hours of beauty sleep. It has been proven that proper sleep not only reduces the abnormalities of the skin but also reduces the psychological stress considerably.

    • Control sugar levels: A study conducted recently showed that rise in blood glucose can cause inflammation on a cellular level. So, excessive levels of insulin in the blood can cause a hormonal cascade and endocrine response is the culprit for causing growth of pore-clogging cells.

    • Exercise daily: Exercise is known to reduce stress, regulate hormone levels as well as increase blood circulation but keeping the sweat on your skin for a longer time can lead to skin breakouts. So, wear perspiration-trapping garments and shower after every workout.

    • Drink lots of water: Water can flush out all the internal toxins and hydrate skin as well as internal body system. So, drinking lots of water is beneficial to health as well as guarding against acne breakouts.

    • Apply SPF sunscreen: The SPF-based sunscreens are not only useful to protect against the sun rays but also keeps the skin hydrated. This ensures that the acne don’t get worse that eventually leads to a clear and breakout-free skin.

    • Eat Omega-3 fatty acids: The Omega-3 fatty acids or the good fats give many advantages of which one is the control of the production of leukotriene B4. This molecule can increase sebum and cause inflammatory acne.

    • Cleanse twice daily: The face has to go through whole day’s makeup, dust, sweat, smog, and dirt. Since the face has more oil glands than any other body parts, there is a greater chance of getting pimples or acne when face is not washed properly. So, it is essential to cleanse face twice a day using cleansers.

    • Exfoliate thoroughly: The excessive oil in the oils or even dry skin can lead to acne breakouts. So, it is important to gently exfoliate the skin a few times in a week by using a scrub after which a moisturizer needs to be applied.

    • De-germ the cell phone: Cell phones are known to house germs so it is preferable to wipe the surface of the phone with a bit of hand sanitizer every day to de-germ it.

    • Reduce the usage of hair-care products: Most hair-care products like conditioner, shampoo, gel and hairspray have oils that can seep into the skin increasing the oil content in the skin. So, it is necessary to wash face after the removal of hair products to wash away their residue from the skin. You can also buy products like Proactiv that treat acne if you are unable to follow the above steps.

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