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    Default Foot Rash or something???

    It doesn't hurt, and I honestly thought for the last few months it was gone, but then this morning I took a look at my foot (not wearing socks) and noticed how bad this actually looks...

    I've no idea wtf it is. It's not painful, and never has been. I once went to the doctor's about it, and he prescribed me with a sort of lotion-like thing to apply to it, but it never got any better - and I used it for months.

    I get a feeling it was caused by shoes of some sort, but I'm not completely sure. :S Anyone have idea? It's on both my feet, but it's a bit more intense and serious on my left foot. It's got a similar "pattern" to it on both feet - but like I said, it's more prominent on the left foot.

    Right Foot:

    Left Foot:

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    WITHOUT THE DRYNESS (left foot)

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    yea looks like dermatitis caused by friction to your shoes or any factors that cause pressure or friction to those area like sitting with legs folded. Again i guess u also have fungal infection too. can we see ur nails..?

    just avoid tight shoes and avoid pressure and friction to those areas. you can apply some moisturizers on regular basis and topical over the counter anti-fungal creams. Some creams comes with mild-potent steroids, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that might be better. but most important avoid friction and apply moisturizers 2-3 times a day..

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    I agree with what Deepak said. Or better yet have it checked to your nearest dermatologist for you to know what's really going on. Proper hygiene is a must thing.

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    do you have diabetes? please be checked by a doctor for that. just as a precaution

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