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Thread: Size matters?

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    Default Size matters?

    When shopping for a new shampoo, facial wash, lotion, and other beauty product, what size to you usually get? Do you really feel that bigger sizes are more economical? Or are you uncertain if you can use up the entire product so buy just the right size?

    I for one get the smallest size possible most of the time, not only because I don't like carrying the big one around the store, but also because I enjoy trying out different product lines from different brands. I only invest in the jumbo sizes if it's my favorite product or if there's a big price cut going on. What about you?

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    that is how i am too! especially with perfumes. i have bottles and bottles lying around all over my dresser and bathroom cabinets. and they range from big ones to even deluxe sample size ones. and i never use them up even if they are my favorite!

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    I have a big family so we do buy large economy sizes whenever possible. It does make a difference and if you do some calculating you can really save some money if the product will not go bad before it is used.
    You can go to some beauty supply stores and get some great shampoos in half gallon or gallon bottles for not much more than you pay for a regular sized bottle at most stores.
    If you don't feel you can use all of it yourself see if you have friends or relatives that will split the cost and divide the product between you. That way you both save

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    It really depends. If I am just trying out a new product, then I will get the smallest ones. In case I don't like the product then I am not wasting so much money. I will only get the large size with my trusted brands.

    As what I have observed, getting the bigger sizes doesn't always mean they come cheaper. So I compute first which products are cheaper in large sizes.

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    I agree with the above statement. If I am buying something new I am not sure I will like then I purchase a small amount first to see if it is what I like and want. Then I will go back and purchase larger quantities. That way I don't waste product and money on things that are not suitable for me and my family.

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