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    Default Sun Damaged Skin - Best Creams?


    I have sun damaged skin on my face, and the brown spots are quite visable. Is there a cream or product which actually works to reduce the appearance of brown spots?

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    Start using a good broad spectrum sunscreen. If you do not use a sunscreen you will not reduce the damage to your skin.

    You may want to do a facial peel to start to get rid of the damage. Start with a low percentage one then go from there depending on the reaction you get. I cannot recommend one but do a google search as there are many on the market.

    This will take time, you will not get rid of the damage over night.

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    there are a lot of products that will help sun damage. as long as you give them time to work. argon oil can help skin damage. papaya is another product to help skin damage. just remember to please use sunscreen or your efforts will be lost.

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    You may have heard of lycopene. Lycopene comes from tomatos and there is growing evidence that increasing your intake of lycopene can help protect women from breast cancer and men from prostate cancer. However there is also now significant evidence that lycopene can help boost your skin’s natural sun protection and therefore help protect it naturally from harmful UV rays.

    And there are other natural ingredients which have also been found to have significant benefits as a natural sun protection.Along with the best natural skin care products taking Omega 3 supplements that include lycopene also gives you better weapons for repairing sun damaged skin.

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    You need to apply aloe vera to your skin as a preventative.
    Apply a quality sunscreen with at least 15 SPF to sun damaged skin twice a day,
    Mix 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel and 30 to 40 drops of lavender essential oil and apply evenly to your skin each night before bed.
    Don't take very hot or very cold showers and avoid harsh soaps and disinfectants. Because sun damage causes the oil-producing glands of the body to become less productive, your skin will be dryer, and soaps and extreme temperatures will only further strip the oils from your skin.
    Hope this help.
    Good Luck
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    There are many products that reduce red spots and scars.i think you should reduce scars naturally.because some skin cream may harm your skin.

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    The application of best sunscreen would fail when one wants to enjoy swimming in the sun or on a beach as water washes it off. The consequence is tanning of the skin and sun burn. Aloe Vera for skin in the form of Gel Or Creme is the best remedy to treat sun burn it cures sun burn and tan much faster and in a natural way than any other chemical product.

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    Using sunscreen every day and avoiding any unnecessary sun exposure
    Never apply oily or greesy creams on your face and other body parts soon before going in hot sun.
    Use Aloe vera gel regularly.
    Yogurt is also easy way to lighten brown spots.

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    I have heard of a skin whitening treatment that I am thinking about trying out as well for my brown sun spots. Of course the best way to get ride of thm is to saty out of the sun. Since that is nearly impossible where I live, I think that I will give this treatment a try instead

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    Apply yogurt to all sun damaged areas. Rinse off skin with cool water. Apply a moisturizing lotion or Sunscreen cream with SPF14 before going to outside.
    Cover your skin from the direct sunlight.

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