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    Default Excessive hair on face,want permanent removal

    I am 24 years old male.I have lost my confidence due to the unnecessary growth of hair on my face.My beard is very rough and hard.I want to remove all the facial hair permanently.Is it possible via medical treatment? Please suggest.

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    Excessive hair or hypertrichosis is a problem especially in females.In males facial hair are normal with some variation.Some may be little more hairy,with slightly more hair.This should not be considered as abnormal.So to take it as a problem,it depends how much excessive hair you have on your face.

    Excessive hair loss may be due to hormonal abnormalities.To exclude this a hormonal assay is advisable.If you are taking orally or applying certain medications such as steroids,this may also be cause of excessive hairs.

    Hair can be removed but the process is long and time consuming.There are topical applications which remove hairs temporarily.For permanent removal,two methods commonly used are electro depilation and laser hair removal.

    I advice you a dermatological consultation.With good counselling i think you will regain your confidence and if necessary you can undergo hair removal treatment.

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    Permanent hair removal with a diode laser hair remover is an option for this area. The hair being coarse and dark here, the laser beam is absorbed in abundance and the roots get destroyed in 3-4 sittings. Though, the treatment is expensive but well worth. If money is not a criterion for you, The Ndyag laser is the best.

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    you can try laser treatments, but as aliva said: they're expensive. they're also not painless! i read that they feel like rubber band snaps on your skin.

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    go for some ayurvedic treatment or method to remove the hair . only this can provide a clear face with no side effect .

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    you can also try hormones, i just heard it on the news right now. but i don't really recommend that since they don't really know the long term side effects.

    OR you can just learn to go au naturale?

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    Yes chicque, the laser treatment is expensive but well worth particularly for NDYAG. Not exactly as you say feeling like rubber band snapping but a stinging sensation when a laser pulse is applied.

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    I'll suggest you to consult your dermatologist first to know the exact cause of your excessive hair growth and then get the appropriate treatment accordingly.

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    Default better

    its better you go for natural treatment or ayurvedic treatment! ayurvedic treatment dont have any side effects! first of all ask your dermatologist to find for this excessive growth and suggest remedies for that!

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    thank you all for your suggestions.

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