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    Default Urgent help needed!

    this is on my back, my shoulders and little on chest, what is it? i can provide more pictures

    also, there are weird white ridges on my nail here:

    my dermatologist said "ACNE" after a casual inspection wit ha magnifying glass! :\

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    i think you should go and have a complete physical. the ridges on your nails means something isn't working correctly. didn't the derm recommend a check up with your family doctor? you need bloodwork done, and a good physical, just to rule out any major problems with your inner organs. your skin does look like acne but maybe there is a reason for it the regular doctor can find in your blood work. show your doctor you fingernails.

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    i will go to another dermatologist, but for know i hope someone can give me a professional opinion! aren't there any dermatologists here?

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    Well first lets get down to your ridges on nails. Usually as we age ridges on the nails are normal, and also sometime genetic.But this may also give clue to some systemic conditions, especially if associated with dark blue or black ridges which signify chronic systemic infection or even skin cancer. In your condition, it doesn't look that serious, it just might be due to aging or some fungal infection which needs to checked up Or may be Vit-B and zinc deficiency . What about your other nails ie. finger nails and so..? Do you have any past history of respiratory, liver, kidney and heart infection..? I don't think its due to any serious illness, but you need to confirm it by getting it checked in lab like fungus,routine blood, blood sugar, LFT,TFT,x-ray and so so...

    Yea you do have acne on your body. You also have folliculitis on the back. And the black spot.. What did the doctor said, looks like Cafť-au-lait macule, is it from birth..? or you had it later? if it had developed later it needs to be checked up to rule out any serious conditions and its co-existence with toe ridges. Please do update on it...

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    thx for your reply, the ridges exist on both of my feet nails, but not on my finger nails..i have no history of respiratory, liver, kidney and heart infection

    (if it helps, my older brother has the same ridges only on the right foot, and two of the smaller toes of the left, but his left big toe foot nail is clear, he also has athletes foot, and some of the pimples on his back as well...also if it's any help, my brother is a health freak, he eats a lot of greens, whole wheat bread, eggs, milk, olive oil, honey, dates, herbal tea, filtered water..and he reported that the ridges went down to 3 main ridges, and he thinks it's his new mother has athletes foot too and toe nail fungus)

    as for the dark spot, my mother says i wasn't born with it, but i don't remember when i got it, it probably has been there for like 5-6 years...the doctor said NIL :\ and amongst the things he gave me for acne is antifungals and antibacterials as well (lotion, shampoo, soap..)

    i'm also experiencing heavy hair loss which the doctor said genetic without doing any tests! my brother too (i'm 17 btw, brother is 22)

    my brother's back:

    also, if it's relevant, me and my brother experience pricking sensation when sweating specially in winter, and dryness of skin too

    wish i said all that to the doctor, but i forgot to tell a lot of stuff, thx for helping me ))

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