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    Default Stretchy loose skin - advice

    Hi guys,

    Basically Im 22 yr old male, and my skin is stretchy, and not tight.

    It's not loose as such, it doesnt hang, but it isnt tight against my body, I can grab it and pull it like inches away from my body.

    I have relatively little fat, and never really been fat (a stone and a half heavier, but mostly muscle)

    I play sports at a high level and eat semi healthily, yet my skin is a bit wierd.

    Brother also has same skin. It's annoying becuase when I sit down or bend over it forms loads of small rolls, and feels soft and jiggly.

    Do you think it's a vitamin defeciency, can someone give me a list of essential vitamins that might help me?

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    Lots of water just makes you go to the toilet a lot more!! There is absolutely no evidence that drinking water hydrates the skin.

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    Of course drinking water hydrates the skin. It hydrates the entire body.

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    Intake of water is perhaps the only natural skin care that does not cost you anything, plus it has no side-effects.

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