Hey everyone. I've been doing a bit of reading recently about chemical peels. I am very wary about just slapping anything on my face for fear of a reaction of some sort. I've been reading about the different types of peels there are and I'm kind of swaying on using AHA.
I don't intend to get or aim for anything like you would get professionally. I would rather do a mild course of treatment to see if it helps with light acne scaring I have.
Does anyone have any opinions, good or bad, about AHA or any other peel? If you would recommend one, which strength and how would you advise I used it?
I don't want a face that looks like I have severe eczema, just something a little better that what an exfoliator would do.

Also I use Retin A gel in the evenings. Would this be ok to use while doing a peel treatment or should they not be used on the same day/week?