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    Default itchy red bumps on upper hips/stomach/underarm pics included

    About 48 hours ago I took a bite off of my grandmothers pizza who was just recently aloud to go back to work after recovering from shingles. almost exactly 24 hours later I noticed red bumps appearing on my upper hips/pelvic area and lower stomach. Now they've spread to my under arms. I'm not running a fever instead my temperature has been ranging from 93.6 up to 96.6 and it normally around 98.7. I'm a 20 year old female and i'm thinking it might be chicken pox?

    Some photos. The first is of my underarm area, the second is my upper thigh.

    I'm currently around 30 bumps.

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    Default just got back from er

    They think it's possibly scabies*; however, they didn't seem too certain.

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    If you have had chickpox before you can get shingles. I am not sure if you can get them from eating something your grandmother ate even though she has recovered from shingles. You may want to see another doctor because if it is shingles you should be treated as they are extremely painful.

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    chicken pox usually starts out as tiny blisters on your stomach. then you break out all over. you run a high fever. if it is scabies did they give you a cream to use at the er? i don't think it is chicken pox. if it is scabies make sure you wash your bedding and clothes well. apply the cream as prescribed and give it time to work.

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    pics are not too clear.. but somewhat looks like papular you have itching.. if u could post some clear images it could be easier..

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    Really sorry about the pics my camera isn't the greatest, and I don' think it can do much better. The lady I saw at the er didn't even to any tests and told me I can "try" the cream, but if I've been reading correctly my whole family would have to be treated. So I'm going to see someone else today hopefully they can figure out what it is. It hasn't spread; however, it is still EXtREMELY itchy!

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