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    Default As Promised, in the Shower


    I know this is hard to swallow, but 75 to 80% of the dust in the house is from dead skin cells. That can be reduced significantly by exfoliating yourself in the shower, at least 3 times a week. How you ask....? by taking a systematic shower.

    What should your shower have in it.

    Some type of exfoliating cloth, rough sponge, micro-fibre cloth, something that will scrub you skin. A wash cloth won't do. I use a sponge that's used for dishes, but I found one soft enough one rough side that won't hurt me.

    A back scrubber, a brush or nylon cloth, something to get to your back.

    2 types of soap, one for the body and one for the face.

    A mild shampoo and conditioner.

    A plastic stool, rubbermaid has a great stepping stool I use in my shower.

    A good razor for those of you who shave legs and underarms in the shower.

    Ok, now we're ready to take a shower. Water not too hot.

    Start low and work up. This allows the water to rinse off the soap as you shower. Start with the feet, soles and between the toes. You don't have to scrub the skin off. This is where the stepping stool comes in handy. I use it to place my feet on and wash my feet, work up on my legs. Keep going up, working up to the arms. Scrub the arms real good, they slough off the majority of dead skin cells. Now, go to the back, soap up and scrub your back. Again, a lot of dead skin cells will come off.

    Next jump from the your shoulders to your hair. If you shampoo everyday, that's ok, shampoo just like always. I suggest using the shampoo soap twice, once to get the dirt and oils off, use a good amount of shampoo here, and then again to get into the hair folicle itself, use very little shampoo here. It will lather up good the second time around. Conditioner, do it here.

    Next, the all important face. Change your soaps to a facial soap that will exfoliate. I use my volcanic ash soap, I can feel the pumice working into the skin. Use whatever soap that you feel will take care of your facial skin. Do not use Dial, Lux or a soap that is used on the body, it's too harsh for your delicate facial skin.

    As for exfoliating REAL good, I do this 3 times a week, m/w/f. Then the other days I don't scrub as hard. This is my routine, make one for yourself but make it systematic and do it the same everytime.

    Change towels at least once every 3 days or so, maybe more, maybe less, whatever you feel comfortable with. Pat dry your face, do not scrub it dry.

    This allows your skin to breath, exfoliate and get rid of dead skin and you will feel good the rest of the day. And thee will be less dust in the house and in your bed.

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    I have seen this on other sites. I think people really know how to take a shower!

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    Excuse me. Sorry if I offended you. Maybe the "people" on this site might be interested, or do you speak for all of them? I belong to other sites, just as you, my dear.

    Tell me what you would like to see posted?

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    You never offended me at all. But seriously are you implying that people do not know how to take a shower! I never implied I was speaking any anyone else on this site either.

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