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    Default How can i cure acne,pimples,dark spots and black heads

    I'm 20 yrs girl from india.I have a serious skin problems.I feel uncomfortable to talk with peoples as they easily notice my skin problem.My skin is oily and hughly sensitive to sun.I have problems like acne,pimples,dark spots and black heads.
    I have taken twice all those medicine prescribe by doctors like retino 0.025 percent,acne guard gel and doxycyclin tablets.And it seems only 60 percent of my problem is in control.Still my face is dull and full of all pimples mark and black heads.I am tired of using all those medicine and right now i'm using and ordinary oil free cream.

    Please suggest how can i have a glowing,healthy,fresh and marks free skin? Can i use oil free sunscreen lotion?

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    Well its quite common problems peoples are facing.If you take care of these problems in a proper way you will feel more confortable.Both the prevention and medications will take some time weeks to months to show the result.Its not like the ads you see on TV, cure acne in 2-3 days or something.

    Oiliness gives undesirable look and is also major cause of pimples,folliculitis and a type of ezema known as seborrhoeic dermatitis.First you should take care of oily skin.

    Either avoid or use less oily creams,when necessary choose a lotion/milk form.Wash frequestly but gently with small amount of normal soap (which doesnot contain glycerine)or face wash (5.5 PH),twice ot thrice daily,Washing only with water will not remove the oily secretion.

    Reducing oiliness will gradually reduce pimples also.Don't squeeze pimples,which gradually cause inflammation and later leaves scar.Let them dry gradually,it will take some more time.

    The treatment mainly consist of antibiotics,Vitamins A derivatives and hormones.Treatment for pimples is long,at least 5-6 months and to see some results it will take 2-3 months.

    It will be better if you once again follow a course of appropriate treatment under dermatological consultation.

    Remember acne is a age related skin condition and usually goes at around 25+ of age,and i have found many girls acne or pimples are gone after marriage for which hormonal changes play role.Medications only control acne and does not really cure it.

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    Such skin problem at your age indicates that there might be some other deeper problem. Particularly acne can be the source of emotional distress. Have you consulted a good dermatologist for your problem? Give yourself a chance with a good combination of a dermatologist treatment and a custom designed skin regime by a qualified beautician for you. While it might not be possible to reverse the skin damage completely, a good treatment would ensure no further damage and control the visible signs of damage done.

    Please note no treatment for acne will work immediately. It can take weeks, if not months, for effects to be noticed. For a home pack, you can mix sandalwood, which is good for your problem, with 1 teaspoonful of crushed mustard seeds and add a little water. Apply the pack on the face and leave it on face for an hour before washing with tepid or tap water. In addition, do not pick at spots. Over enthusiastic squeezing can cause scarring.

    For blackheads, take a large piece of cotton wool dipped in egg-white and cover the same over affected area. After drying off, remove the dried cotton-wool and black heads will come out.

    Hope this will help you.

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    I have no idea why your doctor is prescribing you is good for acne but it also leads to photosensitivity. You should tell your doctor that you have developed sensitivity to sun (that is common side effect of doxyclicne) and he will be putting you on an alternative treatment. Don't worry Sabina, your problem will resolve with age.

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    Hi Sabina;

    I agree that you need to talk to your doctor about changing the medicine that is giving you light sensitivity.

    Have you looked closely at your diet? It may be very helpful to jot down what food you eat in a normal day.
    Then, carefully examine what foods can be aggravating the condition.
    For instance, you should stay away from anything that is deep fried. The oils used are very bad for your skin. They contain Omega-6 that are very hard to digest and then find a way out through the skin.

    Also, start to drink at least 8 large glasses of good water daily. Keep your colon clean with organic yogurt. If you can , replace a meal every day with frsh organic vegetable juice.
    These simple changes not only help clear the acne but keep weight off, etc. There are so many benefit.

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    We are facing the same problem girl.!!I've been suffering from my acne for almost 5 years already,its not easy..I tried a lot of anti pimple soap but they don't work to me. I have been to a a doctor already, I also tried that doxycyclin that you took.My Doctor brfore recommended me the adapalene cream in getting my acne scars. Now I am using bioclear, hope it works.

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