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    Default What is your daily morning routine?

    I get up after the alarm.
    light exercise
    shower, get dressed,
    eat breakfast,
    check email and newspapers
    and head to work at around 7:45 am

    So whats your daily routine.. are you lazy..............
    I love My Skin

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    wake up . check the time realise that i purposely set the alarm early so i get the feeling i had a lay in and roll over and have a nap. Second alarm goes off. Go down have brekkie. back up stairs have a shower. dressing gown on back down for a coffee switch on the news, then back upstairs shave teeth hair get dressed then back down check e-mails etc remember i left my work clothes up stairs go back up and get them then out the door to work.!! job done by the time i get out i feel like I have been on a step up machine for an hour and consider that as my daily exercise

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    I wake up at around two or three pm. Make two eggs, two pieces of toast, oat meal and enjoy breakfast. Then I go to work, use the internet or play games. Come up, eat dinner, play on the internet.

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    hmm i get up on weekends like at 2:00 pm

    go online all day.

    Probably do that every weekend offcourse when I dont got any chores or tests.

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    Every morning, I drink a cup of my favorite brewed coffee. It's aroma and taste make me relax. This is a nice thing to do to start the day.

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    Wake up 5:55 Work out for an hour
    Coffee and protien bar, bible study, check emails
    7:30 make breakfasts and lunches
    8:15 send kids out the door
    Back to emails or house work, playing with 4 yr old etc.

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    OMG.... This cannot be true, that most of you get up this early and do workouts etc.....Im running around late every morning and putting my makeup on in the car (bad i know). What time do you guys go to bed to have routines like you do?

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    i get up usually when my dogs need to go out. while they are out doing their thing i am making their food. i microwave their soft food and mix it with their dry food. i feed my 20 year old cat, he has to have soft food because he is so skinny i am trying to put weight back on him but i think this is a lost cause. i let the dogs outside again so they can do their thing again. i pour myself a cup of coffee, take my morning prescriptions and vitamins the i come and sit here at the computer until i wake up. and i enjoy reading what all of you write!!! i am not totally lazy when i have things to do such as wash or scrub my floors i do my chores in between the forum and coffee breaks!

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    Well, following the daily routine is very important to maintain our health. My daily routine is as below:

    5Am - Wake Up
    5-6 Am- Be fresh and exercise.
    6-8 Study
    8-8:15 Breakfast

    After breakfast i do my regular work till 11 AM and have lunch. Then i take rest till 12PM.

    12-4 Work
    4-6 Totally fresh. I do whatever i like such as visit frns, be online, chat. Its free time for me.

    6-9 I become busy on my work.After that i take my dinner.

    After that i become busy online till 11Pm and then sleep.

    But, i am unable to follow it regularly but trying to stick on it.

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    I fix my bed, I do some stretching out, eat breakfast at 8am. I clean my room after taking a break. Watch a morning show like Sis. and take a bath, get dress and surf the net.

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