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    I wear contact lense for quit sometimes but still doesn't know if its okey. I wanna know if it is safe. And also my friend has astigmatism, that's why she coudn't wear contact lense. I wonder if this is true?

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    your eye doctor would know if you had a stigmatism. i think there are contacts out now that will even help that. yes contacts are safe to use if you follow the instructions of the doctor or manufacturer.

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    Contact lenses are very safe. People have worn them for years and if worn as directed you will not have any problems.

    I used to wear them until I got eye surgery and I have a stigmatism. There are many different contacts out there and your doctor will prescribe the best for you.

    Are you having problems with them? If you are stop wearing them and see your doctor.

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    I wear contact lenses too. It's safe as long as you follow doctors instructions. As far as astigmatism is concerned - there are contact lenses for people with astigmatism but they are much more expensive than regular ones

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