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    Default Will this work to reduce pores, or make the redness worse?


    I have loads of very large open pores on my nose.

    Some have recently become slightly raised and some have redness around them.

    I am being treated for seborrheic dermatitis (using honey masks and coconut oil instead of pharmacutical products) I hope this new development is not rosacea.

    This person on this post recommends vigourously rubbing coconut oil or olive oil into pores ( - the really long post) but I'm worried it will cause the redness to get worse. Maybe making it permanent redness.

    I guess everyones nose gets red when you touch it though eh?

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    I think its okey for you to try products like honey masks and coconut oil if it is really well tested by others too. I suggest before you try anything to your face or body you should always do some research to avoid complications. Tip, I also have large open pores on my nose and Im only using Ice to help it to close and also Nivea facial wash because it really works best for me. Why dont you give these a try?

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    I'd be careful with applying oils to my face. Moreover, with vigorously rubbing them in. Remember, "natural" does not necessarily mean that it's works or is good for your skin.
    You can try toner with witch hazel extract - it's natural and it's proven to shrink enlarged pores

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    Some oils are awesome for your skin. I use a lot of oils in my potions that I make. Argan, rosehip, grapeseed, jojoba oil, and there are many others depending on what you are looking for are wonderful. They have many properties that are great anti-oxidants, anti-aging properties, others are great for other skin ailments. Oils doesn't mean that it will make your skin oiler. Butters like shea, mango, cocoa, etc. too are great but I use them mainly for the body and not the face. I use the butters and some oils to make a body scrub that I use in the shower which makes my skin feel so soft it it incredible. I am about to make a coffee body scrub which I will post within the next day or two.

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    The skin produces natural oil which hydrates and protects the skin; unfortunately this oil attracts environmental pollutants, dirt, dead skin etc., which then becomes trapped in the pores. When the pore is clogged it stretches out thus causing the pore to appear enlarged. Usually large pores appear in the T-zone and especially on the nose.

    There are several options you can try, a blackhead remover strip (you can get a diy recipe here). You can try a steam facial cleansing to really open up the pores prior to cleansing. Here is a pretty steam and facial kit -all natural ingredients too. For cleansing mix a little cornmeal in with your cleanser to give a good exfoliate. Hope that helps.

    Read more about diminishing large pores at my blog

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    You should just start avoiding oily and spicy for your problem.
    Take plenty of water and do exercise regularly.

    Also apply some skin care formulae on to your nose.

    For more visit http://*************.com/


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