Fact: Panda’s are cute little bears found in East Asia, not in your bedroom mirror every morning!

Question: Why do we just put up with the Panda-Eye effect?

Question: Is it just because it’s a physiological result of our way of life and there’s nothing we can do about it?

Do we even know why we get bags under our eyes in the first place? Is it dietary? Is it stress related? OR has it got something to do with our internal biological functions?

How do you fix this problem of looking like you’ve just gone 12 rounds with Tyson?

All questions I am sure you will agree with me, that might cross your mind, if you suffer from this depressing effect. Sure you can go out there and buy expensive ‘named’ brands that help to reduce the effect of tired looking eyes, or elect to go for a more drastic solution and get some sort of surgery done, but what if there was a way to fix this problem for good, forever, without having to spend a fortune every month on products and makeup?

Our bodies are constantly telling us how things are going health-wise above and beneath our skin. For instance (and I apologise for getting a bit graphic on a personal issue), I have a reaction to stress sometimes, which makes the skin on my fingers peel. It’s really annoying and sometimes very painful, but I have realised that my body is telling me to chill-out and that by simply slowing myself down a bit, I can rectify the problem. The same can be said about Panda Eyes – There has to be a route cause and an equally effective solution, right!?

I was actually reading up on stress related symptoms for another project, when I came across this article ([URL under review]) and felt that it was really appropriate for my blogs on natural or non-surgical facelifts. This link will take you to my site - go to the article 'Why The Long Face' and click the link in the body of the text to learn more. You will find a ‘how to’ guide to dealing with your tired-looking eyes from the inside. It’s basically a cook book of ‘recipes’ or rather solutions to eliminate those Panda Bags permanently!

I hope this helps?!