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    Eye Makeup can do wonders to your overall personality.

    1. Always curl lashes before applying mascara. Open up your eyes by curling your eyelashes at the base, in the middle and at the ends to get an even curl.

    2. Don't foret your bottom lashes. For years I avoided mascara on them until a makeup expert showed me how much mascara on my lower lashes really make my eyes pop.

    3. Individual false lashes are exotic, gorgeous and can look natural if applied correctly.

    4. For a doe-eyed, seductive look, try lining your lower lids with a creamy white eye pencil.

    Please add some good eye makeup tips.


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    To get that seductive cat-eye look , you should add a little bit more volume and length to the outer lashes.

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    I'm very bad with eye makeup. It's so hard to do myself I always get it done by a professional. I'm actually considering getting a tutorial, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I see some girls with fabulous yes and I want to look like that! I have a palette of Dior eye shadows that I rarely use because I don't know how. The only thing I can apply correctly is my mascara and I don't even curl my lashes before! Haha

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    I have these droopy eyes look and I don't like it sometimes. What eye make up style you can suggest for me guys? I want my eyes to look brilliant and fresh.

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    ^ put on eye primer and concealer to hide all that droopiness! and but on a illuminating cream to make you look more wide-eyed and refreshed. all this, before you put on makeup.

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    Thanks for the tip, Chicque. Gonna buy one of those and try it. Be informing you if it works for me...
    Is there a particular brand you can suggest for the illuminating cream?

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    Maybe you should try to put eye shadow to your eyes, for it to look more attractive and tantalizing. Eye liner and eyebrow liner is a must and it serves as a big factor to the wholity of the face.

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    Keep your eyeshadow light, particularly on the lids and the browbone. The darker the color you use, especially in the outer corners and lids, the smaller it makes your eyes look.

    Have you tried a white eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes? Those really open up the eyes and make them look wider and brighter. I have small eyes myself and need all the help I can get some days. Those are also good when your eyes are tired looking.

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