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    Default I'm only 25. Do I need to worry about anti-aging cream?

    I'm only 25. Do I need to worry about anti-aging cream? At what age should I start worrying about it?

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    The best thing you can do for your skin is to use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day. If you do this you will definately help your skin from premature aging.

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    again sandy is right. sunscreen is the best anti aging cream to use when you are young. if you want you can use some moisturizers but the super anti aging creams aren't necessary at your age.

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    I'm doing all those. But I'm afraid that I might need a facial lift in my middle age years. Hopefully, it doesn't come to that.

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    We all age. if you want a face lift when you are older and if it makes you feel better, and you can afford it, you will probably have it done. There is nothing wrong with that.

    At some point in time we will have to come to the realization that we are getting older and that is ok. The young ones will have to realize that they will and are getting older and will have to come to terms with that as well.

    I think we have to be comfortable with our appearance and once you get to a certain age, you will be.

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    Great skin in your 40's take a good skin care routine starting in your 20's. Cleanse, Exfoliate occasionally, tone and moisturize. Antioxidants are important too-in your skin care products and in your everyday diet. Antioxidants protect skin from free radicals. Read more about what antioxidants can do for you at my blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelCoupon View Post
    I'm only 25. Do I need to worry about anti-aging cream? At what age should I start worrying about it?
    Hey dear pls stop being sady because aging or youth is our life cycle we become old for getting more experience and if you want to be a perfect human being you want a big life experience so accept it happily instead of regretting it

    For your big smile i will suggest you my own wrinkle funda. We all know this that wrinkles are never welcome, and treatments you buy at the cosmetic counter can cost hundreds of dollars. Nature has its own cures for wrinkles as well as many methods to prevent premature aging. Try some of home remedy for quick cure:Aloe has healing properties that prevent and treat wrinkles. Aloe juice can be bought at any health food store, and it can be used as a facial toner.

    Now give me a big smile and check this link where you will get all aloe vera products:
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    I have read a lot about anti aging creams and when to use them. They all said that when we reach 25, that is the best to start using them.

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    I would recommend that at your age if you have no skin issues make sure you wash your face twice a day, wear a broad spectrum sunscreen (a must at any age) and a proper moisturizer for your skin type and you will be fine.

    The sunscreen is so important at your age so that you can keep your skin looking young without getting any sun damage. Wear it daily, rain or shine, even during the winter if you live in a snowy country.

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    No truer words have been said. Sunscreen will keep your skin a lot younger than not using it. Problem is finding a sunscreen that's compatible with your make up. Or, that isn't greasy. I live down here in Costa Rica where the sun is sometimes unbareable. I use Neutrogena Ultra 55. I find it non greasy and the skin absorbs it very quickly. Other than that, since your so young, use as much Natural Products as possible and stay away from anything that has chemicals.

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