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    Its never too early to start with anti-aging skincare, though as y34963 said sun protection is the most important factor in skin protection! Try an all in one product to make your skin care routine a little easier, such as a BB cream that encompasses SPF, moisturizer, tinting, wrinkle protection, etc. For example, the **** Gold Caviar BB cream has SPF 50 along with all the other benefits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelCoupon View Post
    I'm only 25. Do I need to worry about anti-aging cream? At what age should I start worrying about it?
    Michael, its never about the age. Some people needs to think of it in their early 20's and some start in their 30's. What matters is,the type of skin and its texture. You may have a glowing bright skin or dull saggy skin in your early 20's. I suggest you to visit a Dermatologist, know your skin type and treat accordingly. 25 is the age when your skin starts regenerating once in a month unlike that in 15 days when you were young.
    If you see fine lines near your laugh line and near your eyes, you should definitely go for a good anti aging cream and try to avoid Sun as much as you can without a sunscreen.

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    The best thing is to eat citrus fruits ,rich in vitamin C,use lemon extracts to apply on skin .Don't use any chemical treatment at this early age,try to have oranges and the peel can be applied on the skin for a 20-30 minutes.
    Although creams can be used but personally i won't prefer at such a young age.

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    I agree with ensuring you have sun protection on at all times, that is your best defence at this point. Keep your skin care routine simple and avoid wearing lots of makeup. Maybe try a BB cream instead with SPF and anti-aging properties to keep it easy.

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    Don't worry about it yet! Just use good SPF and cleanser.
    When you hit the 30s, then you can start to use heavier stuff.

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    If you feel that you are losing your skin freshness in this age then you must worried about you skin. You should drink too much water and should eat vitamin E & A containing diet and should do exercise early in the morning.

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    I Agree with Dr. Mike. Prevention is key! Make sure to buy a product that has SPF and PA ratings.

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    It's totally depends on your skin type as to which anti aging cream/products you need.Eye cream is designed to hydrate and deliver nutrients to the sensitive, thin skin around your eyes, where wrinkles often first appear. You can try this anti aging cream
    Hope this help.....

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    You can try ponds that keep your skin soft .

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