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    Default Pain in the heart

    O.k this might not relate to skin but i'm trying my luck if i get some useful suggestions before i go to doctor. Few weeks before i had some discomfort in my clavicle bone and for the last two weeks it has sifted to heart area. i have had my blood pressure and cholesterol checkup just 2 months back and all were normal and i have no fever or other symptoms, just a pain. it doesn't hurt always, it hurts when i take a deep breath and when i yawn. Whenever it hurts i take aspirin and it goes away, but then after few days it again starts to pain. What is this, am i having some heart disease ? please advice me.

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    see a doctor. mysterious pain needs to be checked out. you don't say how old you are but in my opinion you need to find out the root of the pain.

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    Well, for me it doesn't look like a cardiac pain or in some cases pericarditis may have such symptoms, associated with mild fever but you don't have any other symptoms. You symptoms may most likely be due to chest wall problems either muscles, bones or nerve. In most cases stress and indigestion also causes such pain. But it doesn't mean we just keep on guessing .... its better to seek an emergency advice from your doctor. Perform a chest x-ray and ECG followed by other examination as required. If all reports are normal then you are at the safe side. Normal reports and no associated symptoms means you are safe from any risk of heart or lung problems and you can just ignore the pain and pain will go itself.

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    Default Pain in the heart

    , I think get you checked out by a doctor and tell him the all type of problem which is happening with us. Then he will tell you that what is the problem and he will suggest in proper way that what to do.

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    Yes, please go see a doctor. Even if we were doctors here it is negligent to diagnose problems online.

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