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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Wear broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen.
    Apply a moisturizer within three to five minutes of washing.
    Drink plenty of water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minervagraham View Post
    avoid oil and soda all together. Drink loads of warm water with a teaspoon of honey added to it and deep moisturize the skin daily before sleep. Use a moisturizer maybe a heavy oil based one for a couple of months every few hours. A little exercise will alsobdo wonders.
    This is probably what i need to disicpline my daughter with. Her skin is really bad from all the stuff she gets at school.

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    I usually believe drink water at higher level is the best options for getting rid of dry skin problems, but I found many other ways for dry skin thanks.

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    **rechal** Female

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    Mix a few drops of essential oil like jasmine or rosewood with olive oil and apply it to your skin. Massage these oils on your face before going to bed. There will be a major difference within two weeks. These oils will remove the dry skin and will help rejuvenate your skin cells. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to your body lotion. These oils will bring a major changes to your skin type. Using essential oils is one of the best remedy for dry skin.

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    Me too have sensitive skin

    I start with wetting my face first,
    I then start with Simple Oil balancing exfoliating wash.This removes all dead cells and helps especially if you have oily skin.
    Then use Simple Moisturising facial wash , which just removes dirt.
    Then use the Simple facial gel which just makes your skin feel fresh! .
    Now pat your face dry.
    Then using some wool pads, or cotton wool, I put some cleaning lotion, it leaves your skin so smooth!
    Then on some more cotton wool I put Facial Toner, which is the end of your cleansing ritual.

    I would recommend this regime be done Morning and Evening.

    Also if you use make up, use the simple Cleaning wipes, which removes even waterproof mascara! and are so soft and smooth!

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    I also have a sensitive skin and have used pure chimp natural super cream to moisturize and nourish it.
    Highly recommended this cream to solve a lot of skin problems.

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    **Kirstine Phillips** Female

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    I have always been prone to dry skin also, especially on my face. A friend of mine suggested to me the Triple Action Vitamin C Serum by ViolaVe. She told me that this works much better than other products only containg one Vitamin C because it has 3 forms of Vitamin C and has an anti-aging ingredient. I am so glad that I tried it, this serum solved my skin issues. You can look it up on Amazon. Try it too.

    Quote Originally Posted by skincare View Post
    Hi guys. I have a dry skin and I want to treat it. I do cleanse my face twice a day, I also apply moisturizer. What else do you think I should do?

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    **Monica** Female

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    the best skin care product is Super Super One by Pure Chimp. Its a 2 in 1 (cleanser & moisturiser).

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    **Jeff** Male

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    just noticed about your concern and want to deal with it maybe I can help... SOmetimes, the reason of having those kind of problems are because of the weather or your surroundings, lifestyle either. Fortunately, we have a lot of remedies to help each of those problems, but we need to find which one is good. We should have trials unfortunately some experienced bad eefects before having the right product for them. Anyway, you don't have to try now because I tried the best product that suits your skin. It's quite new but I knew it's good to any type of skin. I'm now waiting fr them to launch , just got their trial kit. Maybe if possible you can also visit their site to check it of you can avail their trial. I'm sure you'll not get mad at me. It will change a part of your life.

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    Several people have lightly mentioned the importance of water, and I'd like to put more emphasis on that. There is nothing more critical for good skin than drinking plenty - and I do mean plenty - 2L is a good amount - every day. It will if you are chronically dehydrated without knowing it, as many of us are, it could be up to 3 months before all the cells of your body are properly hydrated and running at optimal efficiency. For your skin - do more than drinking the water: all skin types will benefit from using skin products that contain humectants, which draw moisture from the dermis (below the surface), up to the epidermis (the outer layer). In humid conditions, humectants will also attract moisture from the air, and allow it to be absorbed by the skin. To know if a product contains humectants, look for these ingredients to be listed: Glycerin
    Hyaluronic acid
    Propylene glycol
    Butylene glycol
    Sodium PCA

    There are some very good blogs and sites that have information on the benefits of water for the skin. A couple I read are on this site by Dr Deepak; and I also like the information on about humectants.

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