There are many muscles situated in the neck, extending from the mandible (jawbone) to the hyoid bone and to the sternum and clavicle. However, it is some of the muscles of the face not the neck that will determine the firmness of the jaw-line. Facial exercises will assist in bringing the firmness back to your jaw-line thus lifting the loose skin under your neck. If exercises are not the way you want to go, your beauty therapist will have a treatment to tighten those muscles for you electronically. This can be done with ultrasound by a machine called sono-lift or a machine that uses faradic current. Micro current is the most commonly used electrical treatment. What you must remember is, that like all exercised muscles when the exercise stops the muscle will eventually return to its original shape, and the looseness under the jaw-line will return.

Firming neck creams used in conjunction with clinic treatments will maintain your result a lot longer and of course keep the skin in good condition as well.