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    Default Do you use soap for the hair

    Have you tried using soap for the hair? For I have tried it already and It was also good. I used Ivory soap and it worked very well actually it was even better than shampoo?

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    soap is too strong for hair and is not the right ph. my hair is long and when i am not using a shampoo with zinc pyrithone in it for my psoriasis, i use sun silk. it isn't that expensive and it leaves my hair shiney and healthy. i also use conditioner because of my hair being so long the ends tend to dry if i don't use the conditioner.

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    Have you ever tried soap nuts? They are nuts off of the Ritha tree. All you have to do is simmer 6 to 8 nuts in 6 cups of water for 30 minutes. It simmers down to 4 cups. It does not suds up like cleansing bars (which is what is sold in the stores for the most part not soap bars) or shampoos. It really cleans your hair nicely and is 100% organic. Very reasonably priced as well. Soap nuts also make a very good laundry soap!!

    In my opinion cleansing bars or soap bars should never be used on your hair much too harsh.

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    sandy, i never heard of these nuts. can i find them at a natural food store? are they native to canada? sounds interesting.

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    Hi Brenda,

    I am not sure if you can buy them in a health food store I ordered mine on line as I was so curious about them.

    They are from Indonesia and other countries. They are sold all over, just give it a google and you will come up with tons of sites. There may be on very close to you.

    They take a bit getting used to because of the no lather but your hair will be amazing and so very economical and earth friendly as well.

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    Ic.. thanks for that..

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    Using soap for hair is not a bad idea but it has its effects on the hair, the most important being the premature graying of the hair.

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    Soap is generally for body.But if you want to use on hair,it does not effect more.But if we use shampoo daily,then hair removal definitely occurs.So its better to use soap daily instead of shampoo.If any one have some other solution or any other product for hair that we use daily,then tell and that does not effect hair.

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    use of soap for hair is naturally not good....
    because the soap contains which suits the cells of skin,... if we use it over head,then it causes malfunctioning of the product....
    so use soap only for body....
    instead of soap use any hair washer that gives good results(my suggestion is to use HEAD & SHOULDER)... if not use your own product..........

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    Never wld use soap for hair.. as mentioned soap is for skin...
    I use different soap for face and different one for body....
    hair i use baby hair shampoo....
    mine are very light and sensitive hair so i cant take risk....

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