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    Default How to treat acne all over the body

    I'm tired of having acne all over my body , I want it gone. I'm desperately sure that I need help. I wanna know how to cure each one of them. Perhaps some of you know how to get rid of it and share your thoughts about it.

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    You will need to mix one part vinegar, one part apple cider or any other natural vinegar, and around 8 to 10 parts water to get the kind of safe mixture you will need to cleanse your face with. You can use a piece of cotton or a cotton ball dipped in this solution to wipe off excess oils on your skin as well as remove deep seated dirt from your skin.

    For the rest of your body, add those mixture in your bath water ... HTH

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    First off - DO NOT OVER-SHOWER. It strips your body of essential oils that it needs. I know it sounds odd - but even acne prone skin needs oil to control oil production.

    When you shower - use MILD/LUKEWARM water - NOT HOT. The hot water strips your skin as well.

    What kind of body soaps do you use? Check the ingredients - you could have an allergic reaction to Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Some people don't react to it, and others find that they have sensitive skin and SLS is an irritant.

    What kind of shampoo do you use? Check the ingredients for possible irritants as well such as SLS (mentioned above). You may be getting upper body acne from the shampoo washing down when you rinse your hair.

    Lastly, be sure to change your sheets and pillow at least once every 5 days or so. For some people this greatly helps (especially for the face) due to the natural skin oil buildup that can occur on your linens.

    If you've ruled irritants out and if it doesn't help then I would see a doctor about possible hormonal causes.

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    Some solution to cure the acne from all over the body are,
    Keep clean your face.
    Wash your face and body at least 3 times a day,
    Try an over-the-counter acne product.
    Eat healthy include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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    i would be sharing my personal home remedy with you. Since, i have oily skin so it works for me, see for your skin type.

    Take an egg white, beat till it is in a foamy substance and now apply on your face or body, where you have acne. It will really work.

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    To treat acne , rub morning urine on your face then wash it off.This sounds crazy but it really works.

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    first of all you need to stop consuming those oily and fried foods you are taking and the best thing to do here is consult a physician

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    Lots of water 8 glasses a day.
    Take a shower once a day and wash your body well with a clean wash cloth using acne medicated soaps.
    Wear cotton cloths.
    Have enough rest and sleep for 8 hours and stay away from stress For this do exercise for 20 minutes daily.
    Using an acne cleanser for skin on the entire body.

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    Shower daily. And change your shirt often so the sweat doesn't permeate back there, causing dirt and therefore pimples. And when showering scrub back there.

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    It is maybe due to allergy or something! So consult a doctor and try to find the cause and the remedy! Moreover follow these simple steps so that you can easily get rid from this problem.
    • Try to refrain from touching your face with your hands. When you are on the phone try not to let the receiver touch your face - there may be sebum and skin residue on it.
    • Always wash your hands before touching your face. This includes before applying lotions, creams or makeup.
    • You skin needs to breathe. If your acne is on your back, shoulders or chest try wearing loose clothing. Tight garments, such as headbands, caps and scarves should be avoided - if you have to wear them make sure they are cleaned regularly.
    • Don't go to sleep with makeup on. Only use makeup that is nonceomedogenic ornonacnegenic - you should be able to read this on the label. If you cannot find it, ask the shopkeeper or pharmacist. You should use makeup which does not have oil and does not clog up the pores.
    • Too much sun can cause your skin to produce more sebum. Several acne medications make it more likely that you will be sunburned.

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