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    Default help, deep major under eye wrinkles!

    i have major eye wrinkles. this has caused due to constantly rubbing my eyes, over cleansing. i have spent a lot of money finding the right eye cream but nothing seems to work. some people even said it will never go unless surgery. but still i would appreciate a little advice from you.

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    i would try everything before surgery. there are so many new eye creams on the market all say they are miracles. what i would do is order samples from different companies and try one at a time to see if the sample helped at all. give it time. most samples from make up businesses are enough to last until you can see them work. this way you don't have to spend an arm and a leg and you might find the perfect cream. in the meantime moisturize under your eyes. i rub my eyes too but since i have used moisturizers i don't rub as much.

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    Hi Mapleleaf
    I have been using Bright-I from Skinactives. It is available in a cream or serum. It is light so it does not create milia. It is mainly used for puffiness but I find it works on those eye wrinkles too.

    If you use too heavy of an eye cream you risk getting milia and trust me it is extremely difficult to get rid of. I had one spot under my eye and it took absolutely months to get rid of it. Whatever you use it will take time for those wrinkles to smooth away.

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    Look for a good eye cream that contains ingredients like AHAs and a lot of antioxidants...

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    Cool Anti-wrinkle products

    I found on the web. The trial is free but you need to pay for the shipment and handling fees.

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    Don't know why the link is not shown in my last reply. You can find the product at [ Link Under Review]
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    What i'll suggest is find a cream on ***********. You'll get a variety of creams along with reviews of others whove used them. Along with that please massage the under eye aream gentely with your finger tips. This will increase the blood circulation in that area and improve the skin and muscle structure eventually.

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    lot of creams are available in market but i suggest you to go for natural treatment. you face this problem because of blood circulation for that you have to apply olive oil and massage gently after that take cucumber gel and apply under eye for 15 mints. try this for one month sure you will get it.

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    Go natural...
    1. cold teabag = gently apply around the eyes (careful that it wont get into the eyes) then leave on for a 10mins then rinse off with lukewarm water..The "tannin" in the tea is a great exfoliant to great..
    2. Milk + honey = use cold milk, do the same procedure as the well too..

    A healthy diet for dark circles which is full of nutrients is the most essential thing in this case. If the body does not receive its daily intake of nutrients, it may create such problems and maybe worse in the future.
    Some of the essential nutrients can be found in:
    1) Fresh Fruits and vegetables
    2) Green leafy vegetables
    3) Cereal crops such as oats, barley, wheat and millets. 4) Fresh juices of fruits and vegetables.
    A breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be consumed before starting any kind of work.

    Other Dark Circles Skin Care Treatments
    1) Washing your face with water and a soft soap every hour is very important. It is very important that your skin stays fresh and cool all the time and free from any germs or bacteria.
    2) Daily eight hours of sleep is very essential for the body and the eyes. It is very important that you sleep without being disturbed at all. This is not only good for the eyes but also for the body as you will not have any health problems in the future.
    3) "Work less and relax more" should be your main motto if you wish to get rid of the dark circles as soon as possible. Stress and fatigue are two toxic enemies of a dark circle-free skin.
    4) Exercising is also very important and should be added to your daily regime. If you remain healthy at all times, you will not encounter any health problems.
    These suggestions are very instrumental for under eye treatment.

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    Default help, deep major under eye wrinkles

    With all the newest, breakthrough ingredients coming into the market every day, how do you know which ingredients in your eye wrinkles products are the best for you?

    Do you know if one ingredient will work better than another ingredient? These changing times require all of us to be educated consumers, particularly when it comes to what we put in and on our bodies. How we spend our money is more important than ever!

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