My name is Sharon and I am 18 years old.
I have pigmentation mark on my right cheek and i really dont know why it that...
I took roaccutane between march to august 2009 and since that last month of the roaccutane when the skin was super sensitive maybe something happened, and I dont know what because i didnt have pimple in this area, the pigmentation is 100% not from the acne.

I used Locacid and I tried 2 treatment of IPL and I am desperate, I dont if i will continue because It still the same.
I dont know what to do, I think this pigmentation is deep in the dermis and I dont know what should I do.

This mark make me sad, depressive and I totally lost my self confidence.

please if someone can help me or tell me about other option or other treatment I will be very happy.

I added pic of that, this is not the little pimple, this is under the pimple, This is long mark as you see..

Thank you very much,