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    Default please suggest home made remedy for hair fall

    I am 18 year old boy. My hair is very light, so it's difficult to maintain my style. I also suffer from hair fall. Please suggest a home made remedy?

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    Hair fall at such an early age clearly reflects either some nutritional deficiency in your body or some medical problem. So, first of all, root causes should be detected and treated accordingly. Start taking care of your eating habits. Your diet should include beans, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, nuts (almonds) and amla. Use mild and gentle shampoo. You can also use a home made head pack: - soak methi seeds overnight. Grind them in the morning and add eggs to this paste. Apply it to your scalp. Let the pack stay for 2 hrs. Then wash it off with water. The regular use will help in controlling hair fall and will promote hair growth too.

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    Depending on the quality of your scalp skin, keep it oiled if it is dry and keep it clean if it is indeed too oily. Sometimes, people stop washing their hair because they believe that washing makes them lose more hair. Such thinking is baseless, as dirty hair breaks more often, lack of hygiene makes it weaker and makes it fall more. After consulting a doctor, you can select a hair pack of natural ingredients most suitable to your skin type. However, give your hair a nourishing pack made of crushed 1 tsp fenugreek powder, 1 egg, 3 bananas, and 1 teaspoonful of tea leaves boiled and cooled. Mash & mix these ingredients into a smooth paste, apply & wash off after ½ an hour. It will slow down your hair loss.

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    Thankyou for your suggestion.I'm expecting it will go good..

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    Instead of trying hair-loss remedies forever, we can make a cure that always really works if you do it right. We will combine the homemade hair-loss remedy with a homemade hair-loss shampoo using the chemical and natural ingredients that we usually find in commercial remedies. Yep, it's a natural hair loss treatment.
    The recipe may sound a bit strange, but itís worth trying. I also recommend reading it carefully first before making any move.

    Just follow these three simple steps: remedy>shampoo>action

    Okay, are you ready?

    Let's start with the first step, the remedy:
    First, we need some alcohol. Not that medicinal kind, but one we can find at a bar. I recommend vodka. Yes, let's party! Pour 100cc of vodka. Now we need some black pepper, enough as if you were making a salad for one person. Add it to the vodka and stir for a while.

    Prepare some warm water for washing your head and let's move on to the second step: making your own hair-loss shampoo:

    Homemade hair-loss shampoo:
    Here we'll make a Hair Loss Shampoo. This step is even simpler than the previous one: All you have to do is prepare a simple shampoo (not a conditioner). Itís important for it to produce some lather.

    Now we take a bottle of Tabasco Ė yes, weíll need a few drops of that hot stuff. That's it. Ready now for the action stage?

    Go to the bathroom for the next step, washing your head. Letís see what we have to do with all the materials we prepared.

    Homemade hair loss remedy - ACTION

    Great, you are at the last step of using the homemade hair loss remedy you made at very low cost. This cure always works, and works fast. You are going to use it now.

    I recommend that you perform the following stage at least every three days for the rest of your life. Well, itís simple. All you have to do is wash your hair with the shampoo, without the Tabasco yet. Now shave your head until you feel that great, smooth touch. I guess most of you will have to use an electric hair trimmer or scissors first.
    After you finish shaving and you are sure that your scalp is shining, it's recommended that you apply some moisturizing lotion to your head (without alcohol).

    Now, after remedying your hair loss, with this natural hair loss treatment, pour some tomato juice in the glass of vodka, add 3-5 drops of Tabasco, and drink your Bloody Mary, thinking how foolish you were not to do this before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binayak View Post
    I am 18 year old boy. My hair is very light, so it's difficult to maintain my style. I also suffer from hair fall. Please suggest a home made remedy?
    If your that young and you are having hair loss then you have to check your lifestyle..sometimes unhealthy lifestyle causes w/ the booze and cigarettes and eat can also check out on intenet some stuff like besthairlosstreatmentreviews for more infos...anyways, here's my tip:
    1. Massage extra virgin coconut oil on your remaining hair and scalp (make sure that it penetrates your scalp) just massage, never use comb..
    2. wrap it with hot towel then cover with shower cap
    3. rinse off with a little shampoo and lots of conditioner (preferably one w/ coco milk)
    4. PAT dry your hair, never rub with towel...
    5. use wide tooth comb till it gets a bit irons or blow dryer pls...
    With this, im sure you'll regain strength for remaining hair and eliminate hair loss...

    hope this helps...give me a feedback then

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