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    I definitely agree to all of them, Never try doing botox at home or even attempt to do the do it yourself injection. This kind of thing should be done by an expert like a doctor and not just a normal person like you. Doing it needs a lot of discipline and knowledge. Always make sure that you are safe so I suggest do some research and advice first before you do something that will make you regret.

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    I would never self-inject. If price is the reasoning behind do it. You can always go to trainings such as [url removed] as an example. It's much cheaper than going to a regular doctor, and I personally think it's much safer then self-injecting since there are medical professionals involved.

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    Oh, I missed a few months from here, but I see that spammers are still comming...

    Stay aware from botox. I know persons have really severe problems. Also I saw a few celebrites that that have disfigured with botox. Stay safe girls, health is better than anything ;)
    Do you know what seborrheic keratosis is?

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    Botox is very safe if it is done properly and by a professional derm.

    The stars have had a lot more work that just botox done. Botox is not permanent and does diminish over time. The celebs are permanently disfigured because of surgery that was not done properly. Some people don't understand the difference.
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    i personally would never attempt that,if you want to get rid or minimize wrinkles,lines,and generally have better
    looking skin,why dont you invest in the ageloc galvanic spa,it has done wonders for my skin,and saved me so much money!
    its safe and the results are emmediate,i am so thrilled with my skin after years of acne battle(and agiing that i never even noticed)that
    i am now a distributor,and so would you if you get the results you want

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    Oh no please please please do NOT buy it! It will do great harm to you and you will defo have to suffer in future. I guess what you saw is just a marketing trick by some random company to sell their products. It is always safe to get the botox treatment done at a reliable clinic by a certified doctor!

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    Don't try at home.
    Due to over caused in my face wrinkles seeking to botox treatment most widely used cosmetic treatments in the world but the Botox treatment is a popular procedure.

    When I am seeking for treatment I find Cocoona provide best botox treatment thanks to Botox Dubai in their team is provide treatment is highly effective.

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    This is probably the best solution to cervical dystonia out there, other than physical therapy. While it didn't take all my pain away, my headaches subsided tremendously! I highly recommend getting this done. It is only needed every 3 to 4 months, and the injections aren't too painful to sit through.

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    Never buy and/or apply Botox to yourself without the appropriate help from a specialist. It is definitely not save and cause some serious, permanent or otherwise, problems with your face. Botox injections should always be done by certified specialists in a controlled enviroment of anti aging & skin care clinic. Doing it yourself can cause serious damage to your help.

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    I think it is better to have a doctor to do it for you. Never do it for yourself..
    There are a lot of clinics who have such services - you can google for it...when comes to our skin, it is always good to be extra careful.

    For myself, im more keen to thread treatment.. U can do a research on this.
    No matter what treatment you are doing, always seek for a doctor opinion.

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