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    Default Do Anti Aging Products Really Work?

    It's an age old question do Anti Aging products really work?? Or is surgery the only answer?

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    no product out there will help prevent aging, it will only help reduce the appearance of aging. And honestly do you really think surgery is an answer by itself? How many procedures have come out terribly wrong. I don't think surgery should be considered an answer to anti aging at all! It a lot of times make you look a lot worse than before.. but that's just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyDavis View Post
    It's an age old question do Anti Aging products really work?? Or is surgery the only answer?
    A quality sunscreen used wisely is your best ant-aging product. Tretinoin (retin-a) and topical vitamin C are very proven products.

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    i would try a thousand things before i did surgery. first you have to like who you are, yes we are all getting older. we do that from conception! anti aging products help us deal with our aging skin. and they do help if you use them daily. ss also is what we should have done all those years we got tanned!!! don't let aging depress you. look at all you have learned. look at all you have done, look at all the fun times and forget the bad. be cheerful. smiles even on aging faces are a wonderful site. deal wth who you are and there is still time to make a better you! both skin wise and heart and soul wise. no one likes a nasty old person. remove the nasty and dust off your heart to show your love. sorry i got so far from the topic.

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    It depend on products which use for anti aging. Most anti aging products and surgery are costly treatment which every one can not afford it.You would be surprised with what you can do at home, without spending too much time, effort or money on reversing the effects of aging. Anti aging does not always mean to have thousands of dollars spent on different medical and cosmetic interventions. Rather it would mean that you lead a disciplined life both with regards to your daily habits as well as with the food you consume. In fact some of the most effective anti aging products are found right in your kitchen.
    Mash ripe papaya and apply to your face for about 20-30 minutes. Wash away with warm water and add a little moisturizer to experience one of the most luxuriant anti aging facials ever. Papaya can be substituted with ripe (not over ripe) banana for similar results.

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    I wouldn't said its an age old question. Its a lifetime dilemma. Although its hard to find a perfect product that comes with 100% results over aging. Some products do a good job on stopping skin wrinkles. After all, its irreversible process. So whatever you use, will always be a temporary fixing.

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    If you believe the television advertisements for skin care products, then, your answer would be a definite yes. These TV commercials suggest that if you use this or that product that you too can have a flawless and beautiful complexion and, by subtle inference be happy.

    But, is this reality or an illusion?

    It's a combination of both a partial reality and illusions. With the majority of skin products it is definitely an illusion as most women over thirty would attest to. Many products can certainly make your skin look better at the time of application but the real test is when all the make up is washed off.

    Generally the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and sagging of skin still remain!

    Having said that, there are however a few natural products that will help with firming up the skin and reducing fine lines and blemishes but you have to accept that there are limitations to what they can do on their own.

    So, what is the answer... plastic surgery? Many people obviously think that it is, given the booming cosmetic plastic surgery industry. But is it? In my opinion definitely not! I have met quite a number of people that have had plastic surgery and I have not been impressed. I remember just a few years ago meeting up with some old friends from St Louis for dinner in Palm Beach Florida.

    My friends who were in their late 70's brought along a friend who would have been in her early 60's. It was apparent that this friend had had a number of plastic surgery procedures on her face and not all of them were successful. I remember thinking at the time that she would have looked better without them

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    In my opinon, some anti aging treatments work. The place I work has some treatments such as bioidentical hormones, and injectables which do reverse some signs of aging. The best anti-aging treatments is fitness and diet.

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    I have products that work for me and know of others that they work for, but it depends on more than just the product. like your skin type, what you are allergic too. dry skin or oily... and about a thousand other things. There is alot of hype on these products but that doesn't mean some don't work it. Surgery is an optin ... up to you and don't let anyone tell you what is right or wrong... Try different things and see what works for you. If you find something wonderful if not move on till you find something that does. My point is that what worked or didn't work for someone else isn't necessarily going to work or not work for you. Good luck. All that being said i reread this post and totally agree with what Chicagofm said "The best anti-aging treatments is fitness and diet."

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyDavis View Post
    It's an age old question do Anti Aging products really work?? Or is surgery the only answer?
    hello there kellydavis; you have to remember that no single skin is tha same as the are unique so is your might want to check out eyecreamreviews on the net and check some great products or try my favorite product ******** really great for me...

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