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Thread: Dust allergy

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    Question Dust allergy

    Can someone tell how to get rid of Dust allergy ? specially in winter days I suffer a lot from it, even I just scare to go out of home in those days, looking for some good remedies

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    are you allergic to dust mites? if you are get a vacuuam with a special filter in it and used it on your mattress. wash your pillow cases at least once a week. dust with a special item that picks up all dust not just making it float in the air. they have hyperallergenic pillow and mattress covers that prevent dust mites. now if you allergic to just dust from like the roads and fields, that is harder to recommend things for you. i would suggest a daily antihistimine, zyrtec, allegra, or clairitin. these are non drowsy antihistamines. the best of cours is benedry or chlortrimaton but these can make you really drowsy. hope i helped a little.

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    On the counter medicines like loratadine or cloremphenecol meliate are the simple allergy remedies.

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    Corticosteroid is a highly effective nasal spray for the treatment of allergies. The downside of it is that, while it also helps with labored breathing it does not help with things like red, itching eyes.

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    I have pretty bad dust allergies. I don't know that there is a way to cure it, but I know that for me, taking an antihistamine is very helpful for dealing with the symptoms. I use claritin which works very well for me.

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    There is just only remedy for securing your face from the dust that you can cover your face with the piece of cloth and wash your face daily and use the best cleanser for your face which should be anti allergic.

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    I'm sure that pets have a huge impact on this, but hard to consider changing that. I think a daily antihistamine is a good approach. Also if you can afford it - get professional cleaners to come in once in a while to save you that exposure.

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    It is better to consult doctor first because he may find the correct reason and suggest medicines which are suitable for your allergy and body.

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    Well, there are some tips that you can do. First thing try 2 avoid dust allergens by chanbe your place you live in. You shud try to have as less wooden furniture as possible rugs should be washed once a week; you should have wooden or plastic chairs… As for medications, you can use antihistamines, corticosteroids and some other.

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    Hello, you need medication to control your allergy. Their are some really good medications for allergy like Clarityne or Allegra.

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